Designed specifically for the demands of bass guitarists, the Waza-Air Bass headphones provide a truly immersive experience. Replacing the popular Waza Air, this latest model from Boss acts as a personal amp system, perfect for jamming sessions without any unwanted disturbance to the family or neighbours.


Utilising easy-to-use touch controls, presets can be switched on the fly to provide what Boss calls an ‘immersive environment’. The intuitive design offers a natural audio experience, similar to playing without headphones. An ideal choice for those looking to jam out through the night or in shared accommodation, isolating the sound without compromising its quality.

Containing a pair of over-ear headphones, a wireless receiver, and access to the companion app, the system has all bases covered. Musicians can take full control of their sound through features in the app, while the wireless receiver plugs directly into the bass guitar, offering ultimate freedom of movement.


Developed for bass guitars, the app provides access to more than thirty sound effects and five different amp styles, with a built-in gyro sensor providing a 3D space that moves seamlessly in line with the instrument.

A metronome is another welcome addition, keeping the user perfectly in time with rhythm variations and ten acoustic drum beats available. Additionally, there is access to six user-configurable tone settings, with the option to download and edit more through the Boss Tone Studio companion app.


When it comes to design, Boss has kept comfort at the forefront of their minds. Packing 50mm drivers, the headphone’s earpads conform to the wearer, allowing for hours of play without any unwanted discomfort.

Offering performance, style, and versatility in equal measure, the headphones can be folded away when not in use, while a five-hour playback time per charge is more than enough for even the most discerning guitarists. Similarly, the wireless transmitter’s battery is good for up to 12 hours of use.

Available from Boss authorised dealers from November, the Waza-Air Bass will retail at ~ $449.99 USD.


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