Human beings have kept cats as pets since ancient Egypt, and a recent study showed that an astonishing 26% of the UK population owns a beloved furry friend, equating to 10.9 million people. Pets are an essential part of human society; they provide solace, deep emotional connections and pure joy. In return, we give our pets a stress-free life worthy of a king or queen, treating them like the fluffy royalty they are.

However, this luxury treatment comes at a price – both to the animals and the planet. We overfeed our pets to a shocking degree, filling their diets with tasty but unhealthy treats and high-calorie dinners. Between 39 and 52 percent of cats in the UK are considered obese.

The food these tubby tabby’s consume has an incredibly negative effect on our environment and is a significant contributor to climate change. Our pets consume up to a fifth of the worlds meat and fish products and generate 64m tomes of greenhouse gases, equal to 13m cars. These are astonishing figures and show that as we change our lives to fight the climate crisis, the way we feed our pets will be central to that fight.

The new cat food created by Lovebug™ is the perfect way to reduce your cat’s carbon pawprint and keep them healthy and happy at the same time. Lovebug™ is made with insect protein, a nutritious, progressive alternative to the chicken and beef cats usually consume.

Lovebug™ is not just a healthy food alternative, the company is committed to producing its products with sustainability at its core. Lovebug™ uses less land than beef production, is powered by renewable energy and our insects are fed with surplus plants and vegetables.

But most importantly, Lovebug™ has been tested dozens of times to ensure your cats will devour its delicious taste and will be purring their way to healthy, sustainable life.


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