The Bluetti AC200P power station takes care of all your needs in one sleek, modern, functional package. Bluetti have designed this product to circumvent the issues that traditional diesel generators have, such as noise, carbon monoxide emissions, environmental impact, and high amounts of annual maintenance. Bluetti have made it their mission to address power shortage, energy wastage, and environmental pollution problems and the AC200P is part of this ongoing mission.

A quiet, efficient product, the BLUETTI AC200P is a top-of-the-range solar generator ideal for use in multiple environments. The AC200P can be used for camping, campervans, festivals, and any on-the-go need. It is also the ideal emergency back-up solution for home use in case of power cuts, medical devices, and even disaster situations.

The Bluetti AC200P power station comes with a number of modern design and operational functions and conforms with all standard health and safety laws and requirements for both domestic and commercial use. Features of this product include:

• Higher output and capacity – 2000Wh/500Ah
• LiFePO4 battery – 3000+ long cycle times.
• Smart, multi-functional LCD display
• Fast AC and solar recharge
• 2 AC outputs
• 2 12V/3A & 1 12V/10A DC outputs
• 4 USB-A & 1 USB-C outputs
• 2 wireless charging pad
• Can simultaneously charge 13 devices
• Can charge vehicles such as E-scooters and Teslas.
• Can be recharged from your car or campervan
• Eco-friendly
• Cost-effective
• Sleek, ultra-modern design
• Portable
• Safe to use

Power stations are a robust solution for charging vehicles, power tools, and any equipment you need to charge. There are multiple products on the market and choosing the right one with all the features you need can be time-consuming and stressful. Luckily, the AC200P from Bluetti takes care of all these needs.

So, if you are looking for a power station which can reliably get the job done whatever the situation or environment, the Bluetti AC200P is a smart choice.


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