Bang and Olufsen have returned to the Bluetooth speaker market with an incredibly impressive entry; the Beosound Explore. This new product offers some incredible features and reliability for music lovers, so read on to find out more about the Explore’s specifications and what sets it apart from other Bluetooth speakers on the market.


Extended battery life

A standard Bluetooth speaker will last for approximately 20 hours on a single charge at regular listening volumes. This is good, but the Beosound Explore pushes battery life to the next level. It is designed to run for 27 hours before needing to be charged, and you can get a lot of life out of a fairly modest and restrained 2400 mAh battery. For context, this is significantly smaller than most modern smartphones and is a big leap forward for B&O. This efficiency means that you can listen for as long as you like whilst not trading off on quality.


Tough and versatile

The Beosound Explore is designed by Bang & Olufsen to be a speaker that can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Built to be clipped to a belt, a backpack, or simply grabbed by hand, it’s the ideal companion for any hiker looking to listen to their favourite tunes or podcasts on a lonely walk in the hills. It’s even dust and water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about dealing with drops in quality if you’re hiking by a stream and drop your speaker.


Don’t compromise on quality

The speaker features B&O’s True360 sound system, provided by drivers that are built to pack a punch. Whilst previous Bluetooth speakers may have failed to offer the bass and power that listeners want, the Beosound Explore is built from the ground up to offer quality sound wherever you are. This rugged speaker can offer the soundtrack to all of your adventures, giving you an audio solution where you don’t even have to consider compromising.



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