ASUS has created a revolutionary product that could change our approach to food safety. The ASUS PureGo Fruit and Vegetable Cleanliness Detector utilises an innovative food safety detection system to identify if the selected produce is safe for consumption.

To serve a growing market of health-conscious consumers, ASUS has developed the PureGo device to help prevent users from digesting pesticides and other harmful pollutants, while increasing food preparation efficiency in the kitchen.


The ASUS PureGo aims to improve kitchen safety by using advanced optical-detection technology and laboratory-grade food safety testing in the home. The detector works on its own or with a smartphone app to warn of contaminants picked up by the device in water used to wash the fruit and vegetables before they are prepared for cooking or consumed.

The compact high-tech detector was designed for use in kitchens, so the stylish, lightweight design is easy to drop in the bowl alongside the food that is being washed, before being stored on the countertop ahead of the next use.

Enhanced AI monitoring and sharing with the PureGo app

When PureGo is connected to the smartphone app, the entire food-washing process is monitored automatically and stored within the app.

The app utilises AI sharing to provide the user with specific information relating to how clean the water is, in addition to extra tips on how to improve food cleanliness. Results can even be shared with friends or family for those seeking peace of mind on food safety.


A wireless charging point is included with the device for added convenience and the app works with Android & iOS.

For those looking for a technology-led way to increase food safety in the home, the ASUS PureGo is the perfect companion for the kitchen.

The ASUS PureGo Fruit and Vegetable Cleanliness Detector is available now.


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