Since firmware version 2B588 was released in November 2019, some users have been reporting problems with their Apple AirPods Pro. Customers have been hearing crackling sounds and interference while trying to use their AirPods and some have even found the noise cancellation feature to be less effective. Apple has recently released some troubleshooting advice, so if you’re having problems with you AirPods Pro, read on to find out how you can fix these.

Clean your AirPods

First, you should clean your AirPods. This is the simplest way to fix any problems, but you should be cleaning them on a regular basis to keep them in good working order anyway. A build-up of debris can lead to poor bass sounds and interference in the background.

Install the latest software

If there is still interference after you have given them a good clean, you will need to run a few simple tests to find out what the issue is. Check if the latest software is installed on the device you are trying to connect your AirPods to. If it is not, update this straight away and then test your AirPods again. Put the AirPods in and make sure the active noise cancellation feature is on. If there is still crackling or poor noise cancellation, move on to our next tip.

Move out of WiFi range

Sometimes wireless interference can affect the sound from your AirPods, so try and move out of range of your Wi-Fi signal and test your AirPods again to see if this helps. If you have lots of wireless devices on at the same time, this can also stop the sound from being crystal clear.

Try connecting to a different device

However, interference is not always due to the AirPods themselves, rather your device or the app you are using. We recommend testing the sound using a different app and if that fails, test your AirPods using a different device.

If all else fails, Apple recommends contacting one of its customer support representatives. You can do this by phoning customer support, chatting online or booking an appointment at a Genius Bar.


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