Meet the all-new Samsung Pay Card, produced in partnership with Curve and Mastercard. The new digital-first card gives Samsung customers complete control over their spending, a great way to get rewards, and all without the inconvenience of changing banks. We are taking a deep dive into all the great features the new Pay Card has to offer.

Ultimate flexibility

Customers are able to view their transactions across different cards with the Timeline View via the Curve app, as well as view recent transactions in the Samsung Pay app, all with real-time notifications. Not only this, but the ‘Go Back in Time’ functionality allows customers to move transactions from one card to another after they’ve been made. Customers get ultimate flexibility and control over their spending – without any required effort.

Love the international perks

The Samsung Pay Card allows customers to access the mid-market range throughout the week, meaning purchases in foreign currencies are processed at a cheaper conversion rate than offered by most high street banks.


Customers can claim an instant 1% cashback (included on top of existing rewards) from a wide range of brands. The cashback reward includes earning 5% on all purchases from, exclusive to the Samsung Pay Card.

High-alert security with Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox allows customers to take advantage of always-on protection, straight out of the box. The multi-layered protection defends its users’ finances and in the event of the loss of a smartphone, access can be instantly revoked to the Samsung Pay Card system using another device from the Samsung ecosystem.

A better banking experience for all

The Samsung Pay Card brings together all major debit and credit cards, including those across Visa and MasterCard, and allows customers to gain great rewards while they spend. Customers can monitor their purchases and rewards all through the smartphone or smartwatch app.

The public is now able to access these improved banking services (from 18th August 2020). The Samsung Pay Card is the ultimate way to keep finances in one place without any need for compromise. Customers can retain their Samsung loyalty, their reward schemes, and continue to have their specific banking needs met without any barriers to the banking experience.


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