Amazon has announced an exciting addition to its ground-breaking product range, a smart shopping trolley known as the Dash Cart. The shopping trolley is a tried and tested product used in stores around the world, however this unconventional product boasts a variety of exciting smart features.

A revolutionary digital design

This revolutionary shopping trolley features a touchscreen which syncs with the various hardware components to fully digitise the way we shop. The trolley will automatically detect the items you place into the trolley, even how many of each are placed into the trolley.

When you have finished your shopping, the trolley can be taken to a digital checkout which allows you to pay digitally without needing to scan the physical items. At the moment the trolley can only hold roughly two bags of shopping, so it may be a while before shoppers can use the trolleys for a large shop.

Bringing convenience into the real world

Amazon has spent many years developing products powered by new digital technology, such as Alexa powered clocks and microwaves. So, it is no surprise that Amazon has decided to bring its expertise into digital stores, especially since the company acquired Whole Foods. The growing Amazon network has resulted in a merger of physical and digital products, although these hybrid products are only just beginning to enter the market.

Where can I try the Dash Cart?

Unexpectedly, the first store to offer the Dash Carts is not one of an Amazon Go store. Instead, it is an Amazon grocery store within the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles. The store does not have sensors, cameras or other equipment to automatically detect items being taken off the shelves, instead it relies solely on these Amazon grocery carts. The physical store isn’t yet open to customers; however, Amazon are aiming to open to the public later this year.

It was expected that Amazon would begin to use these trolleys within its Go stores, however the Woodland Hills location will offer a larger store which may be more palatable to customers who do not enjoy a full surveillance approach to shopping.


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