In the last few years, our homes have got smarter and more secure than ever before. This is all thanks to significant advances in technology, particularly smart tech.

Previously known as C by GE, GE Lighting (owned by Savant) have decided to rebrand once more to the name ‘Cync’ and – at the same time – are expanding their product repertoire beyond smart bulbs to also include a new smart camera, an outdoor smart plug and a fan speed switch. Their full relaunch is expected to happen in March 2021.

The outdoor smart plug has independent control across two outlets and can connect to WiFi as well as Bluetooth while remaining completely weather resistant. You can connect it to your Alexa or Google Assistant and use voice command to control the outlets.

The new smart camera, meanwhile, is a completely new development for the business and is due to arrive in May. It will come complete with a privacy shutter to cover the lens and switch the audio features off, depending on what you want to be able to record. This focus on privacy is much greater than any other camera on the market. There will also be a microSD card to enable local recording instead of relying on the cloud.

The Fan Speed Smart Switch is due to arrive in June and is able to operate on four different fan speeds, all of which can be controlled through the panel too and scheduled on the app.

This exciting growth of the business also means more software developments too, including a new app that is being updated in 2021 to manage all the products as efficiently and effectively as ever. This app will be able to control all their lighting products, but also all of the additional new products, using the Cync ‘roadmap’.

Although the products will remain the same, the branding will be different so those looking to buy from GE Lighting may need to keep their eyes more peeled than usual to ensure they’re able to find the new ‘Cync’ packaging.


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