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Our home-improvement experts know which products are best for maintaining a household. Considering that the garage is where we keep so many things that we need to lay our hands on quickly, our experts have found ways to keep it functional and organised.

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Wagner Airless ControlPro 350 R Paint Sprayer

It’s so frustrating when you’re in the middle of a project and you realize the sprayer needs to be refilled. Knowing that moments like that can be so infuriating, some manufacturers have decided to take a different…

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Wagner W 100 Electric Paint Sprayer

Have you seen any of those DIY TV shows where all the tasks look so simple? It makes you wonder how on earth they do it! Here’s one answer to the question, as sprayers like this can make spraying duties so much simpler…

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Tacklife SGP17AC Spray Gun

Are you looking for ONE product that can be used for spraying several different materials? Look no further - you have found it. Suitable for wood, metal, you name it, this powerful sprayer comes with a retractable handle…

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ORAZIO Ⓡ 241184 Low Noise Silent Oiless Air Compressor

If you are passionate about DIY projects and are constantly working on something in your garage, you probably own a variety of machines and different tools, from drills to air compressors. Well, if you own all these…

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