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Whether music is your life or you simply like to dabble in occasional crochet, we can help. From beginners wishing to learn a new skill to seasoned enthusiasts looking for new challenges, there’s something for everyone here. Our specialists have discovered the best tools and supplies to help you make the most of your spare time.

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Lindo Zodiac 12-String Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Well, guitar lovers, there is something new for you! The well-known guitar producer, Lindo Zodiac, has produced a new 12-string electro-acoustic guitar. When you find out how well-equipped this guitar is, you will want…

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Stagg SA20D BLK Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

If you are a complete beginner or some way along your learning journey, you should consider buying the Stagg SA20D. This elegant and affordable instrument is perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much money but…

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Stagg SA20ACE NAT Auditorium Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Guitar - Natural Brown

For those who want to start playing the guitar and potentially go pro later, this one is just perfect. It’s an electro-acoustic guitar, so whenever you feel like amplifying your guitar and going viral, just do it! It’s…

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Gear4music Parlour Guitar, Natural

This parlour guitar is a fine example of something that any beginner should consider starting with. It belongs to a cheap price point category and it is great for figuring out whether playing music is for you or not…

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  • The Best Beginner Guitar

    By Stefan Mitrovic

    Looking for a perfect gift for your teenager, Yamaha C40II beginner guitar will be the thing you need, it scored perfectly on all of our tests.

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