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Personal Care

From yoga to massage, from face cleaning to depilation, our experts have put a lot of time and effort into discovering what makes you feel relaxed and ready to face the busy world we live in. See what our experts have found for you!

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Philips Series 3000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer - QT4013/23

This Philips trimmer is another really good product. Philips trimmers are known for being well-made, and this one certainly leaves a positive impression. And guess what? It also comes at an affordable price. What’s…

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Remington Barba Beard Trimmer MB320C

Remington is a well - known company based on electrical personal care products that truly provide real enjoyment and a sense of luxury. So, because of that, we expected perfection from this product. Fortunately, our…

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Hatteker Mens Beard Trimmer Kit RFC-598

The Hatteker Beard Trimmer offers options beyond simply trimming your beard. This is a multi-purpose kit with a wide range of trimming options. With this device, you can trim not only your facial hair but any hair that…

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Panasonic ER-GB42 Wet and Dry Beard Trimmer

This trimmer comes from another well-known manufacturer on the market, and it’s another great product! The Panasonic Wet and Dry Beard Trimmer is perfect for maintaining most lengths of beard. It is not made for a close…

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