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If you’re looking for a home theatre system so that you can relax and enjoy your favourite movies with family and friends, our experts help you out by revealing the best options.

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QualGear QG-PS-FF6-169-100-W Projector Screen

If you are looking to upgrade your home theatre or a conference room by investing in a fixed frame projector, the QualGear screen could be the best choice for you. As a decorative statement, it brings a sense of luxury…

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Jago Projector Screen BELE02

Do you consider yourself a movie lover? Do you enjoy watching movies under the starlight on a hot summer night? We do. So, we decided to test this Cinema Movie Projection Screen and check if we can enjoy our favourite…

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Luxburg Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen

If you are looking for a modern movie projector screen that is barely noticeable when not in use, look no further. The Luxburg Premium Electric Tab-Tensioned Projection Screen comes with a built-in engine for quick and…

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Jago Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B

Why do we say that the Portable Projector Screen BELESV01B is our favourite in the choice of the best projector screen? We comfortably claim that this particular portable projector has all the features that a home…

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