Life is better with a soundtrack. Do you need to power up your home theatre? Or maybe listen to your favourite tracks while you shower? Perhaps you’re looking to beef up the sound system in your car? Our audio experts point out the best devices to meet your needs, all chosen after meticulous research.

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  • The Best Computer Speakers

    The Best Computer Speakers

    For this research, in order to test more than 20 computer speakers, we had to spend hours listening to music and watching movies, which we enjoyed very much! We have found the Logitech Z200 Multimedia Speakers to be our favourite.

  • The Best Soundbars

    The Best Soundbars

    We have conducted a thorough research to find and present to you the best soundbar or soundbase system that is on the market. After searching through a lot of information and trying out many systems, we concluded that the SONOS PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base is the one we would like to present to you as our first choice.