If you’ve been having trouble cooking your rice properly recently, your rice cooker might be broken. If you want to know why it’s broken, then check out this article for all the info you need and more. Some rice cookers are clearly broken, but that’s not all this article is for. Some rice cookers might seem like they work properly when they simply aren’t producing the rice results you’ve been looking for. If that’s the case then they might be broken without you even realising it, and the problem might be a bit harder to spot.

Whether you’ve got a rice cooker that’s clearly broken and won’t even turn on properly or start to cook, or one that seems to be working to a certain extent but simply won’t cook as well as it used to or should be doing, all is not lost. You’re in the right place if you want to know how to fix it, as well. We’re going to look at a few ways or reasons your rice cooker might be broken as well as a few ways to fix it.

Don’t throw away your rice cooker or return it to the store just because of a minor issue. You might be able to fix it at home yourself.

Rice cookers are a great way to prepare great quality rice every time. The problem with cooking rice yourself without one is that lots of different rices require different cooking methods and it can be hard to get it right every time. Not with a rice cooker, they always produce great results. As long your rice cooker is working, that is. But what if it isn’t? Let’s have a look…

How to look after your rice cooker to prevent it breaking

One of the best ways to make sure your rice cooker doesn’t break, so you won’t need any fixing tips at all, is to look after it properly. Always check the manual for your specific model and follow good usage guidelines. If there’s anything specific it asks you to do, do it.

Make sure you clean out any dirt from the movements and don’t leave pieces of rice trapped in the mechanics. Clean your rice cooker regularly. Don’t leave it plugged in when you aren’t using it.

Wondering why rice cooker is not working?

If you’ve looked after your rice cooker properly it should last longer, but it won’t prevent every problem. Here are a few ways your rice cooker might not be working:

One of the most common problems with rice cookers is internal wiring issues. This can sometimes be easy to fix, and sometimes not. But first you’ve got to find out if that really is the issue with your rice cooker or not. If any of the wires have broken loose or become disconnected, this might be easy to spot when you open the unit up and have a look at the circuit. But be careful and NEVER have the rice cooker plugged in when doing this. Look for loose wires, faulty connections or other circuitry issues. We’ll look at how to fix these issues in a bit.

To open up your rice cooker to check for issues like this, use a standard screwdriver and simply open the bottom panel. That’s where the circuit normally is. You might have to open more than one panel or look around if the circuit is obstructed or in a slightly different place. It will vary from rice cooker to rice cooker but most of them are in similar areas.

Another common problem is a thermal cutoff issue. There will be a thermal fuse at the bottom of the cooker that works a lot like most standard fuses. If there has been overheating, the fuse might have blown. This fuse is important as it helps avoid fire, so it needs to be replaced fully before you can use your rice cooker safely again.

Another problem could be to do with the power cord. This will generally be easier to spot without taking the rice cooker apart of opening it up. You can find replacement power cords quite easily as long as you know how to install them.

How to fix your rice cooker if it’s not working

Now you’ve found and diagnosed the issue with your rice cooker, you’ll want to know how to fix it. The first thing you should do is check your warranties or manufacturer’s guarantees. If it’s a major problem you might want to either send it off to them to get repaired or get a new one replaced, if you’re entitled to do so. This might be the easiest and cheapest option, but it can also take the longest. For some minor and smaller issues with your rice cooker, it might not even be necessary and you can get it working again within a few minutes yourself.

Remember, playing around with electric equipment can be dangerous. Never work while it’s plugged in. Make sure you’re experienced and know what you’re doing. Don’t take any risks if you aren’t good at this sort of thing. If you know someone who can help you, ask them. if you have a local repair shop nearby, you could try that as well.

If you’ve blown the thermal fuse, you will need to replace it with a new one. You can buy these online or from parts stores, but make sure you get the right one. make sure it’s installed properly and get an expert to help if you have to. For internal wiring problems, you can try some soldering if you know what you’re doing. Again, an expert or electrician can help here. Don’t do anything if you don’t know what you’re doing. Power cord issues can be sorted reasonably easily as long as you can do a good job yourself. If not, get someone who can. All of these little jobs can be done yourself but you need to get things fixed to a safe standard. Consult an electrician or expert repairman if you’re not sure.

Hopefully you’ve now worked out why your rice cooker might be broken, as well as how to fix it.

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