September 16, 2019

Are you looking for a super-effective way to remove unwanted body hair? You might have tried tweezing, waxing and shaving but still not managed to find the results you really want. It’s a problem many have been through before, and that’s why more and more people are turning to epilators.

This piece of tech does a much better hair removal job than most other similar options. it’s also affordable, easy to use and convenient. But what is an epilator? If you want to know the answer to that question, then you’ve found the right article. Keep reading for all the info you need and more, including why an epilator is so good and how to to use one for the best results. So let’s get started, what is an epilator?

What is an epilator?

Unlike other hair removal tools like razors, which cut hairs at a short point, epilators remove hairs completely from their roots. They’re a small electronic device that is easily portable, affordable and easy to charge. That’s why they’re becoming more and more popular every year. Because they remove hairs completely at the root, they give a much smoother finish, and the hairs stay removed for much longer.

What different types of epilator are there?

There are two main types of epilators: dry epilators and wet epilators. You might be able to guess what these are from their names, but a wet eipliator isn’t ACTUALLY wet, it’s just designed to be used in a wet environment, like the shower or bath. Obviously, wet epilators are therefore waterproof. Dry epilators aren’t, and are made to be used in non-wet environments. It’s therefore a very bad idea to take your dry epilator into the shower with you (don’t do this). Some epilators actually work in both environments, but it’s a good idea to get a specialist epilator depending on where you think you’re going to use it the most.

Are epilators painful?

Using an epilator is not always a pain-free experience, but they are considered to be much less painful than something like waxing. They’re also far more convenient. You might feel more pain initially and the first few times you use one before you’ve really got used to the feeling. If you start slowly and build up your epilator use, you should get to a point where you don’t notice any pain at all.

What do you do before using an epilator?

Before using an epilator, make sure your epilator is clean and fully charged. Check all the instructions and other implications before use. Make sure you’re dry if using a dry epilator, or wet if using a wet one!

Another good thing to do before you use an epilator is exfoliating. This will remove dry skin and prevent issues like rashes and other irritations when epilating.

What should you do after using an epilator?

After you’ve finished using your epilator, make sure you clean the unit effectively. This will prevent infections or other issues next time you use it. Apply moisturizer to your skin to prevent rashes and irritations.

Where can you get epilators from?

You can get epilators quite easily these days. There are lots of offers online, but you can also find them in local beauty stores or pharmacies. You might want to have a feel for a model in-store before checking if you can get it cheaper online. Make sure you get an epilator that suits you and you can afford. They’re actually much cheaper than you might think, and soon pay for themselves when compared to getting wax treatments every so often.

Can you change the speed with epilators?

With some models, you’ll be able to adjust the speed as you see fit, but not all of them. Make sure you start slowly if you’re new to epilating before increasing the speed.

How do you use an epilator?

If you’ve been reading the rest of this article, you’ll know how to unpack your epilator and make sure it’s charged. Make sure it’s clean before use as well.  After this, you should also make sure your skin is exfoliated. Start by placing your epilator at a 90-degree angle to your skin. Don’t push it too tightly against you. Pull your skin firmly and move up and down with the epilator. Go slowly at first before increasing the speed once you’re more comfortable and if you aren’t experiencing any pain.

Make sure you work methodically along your skin in a routine manner. You don’t want to miss anywhere and leave patches of hair! Unlike razors, don’t work against the direction of hair growth, as this will remove the hair higher up than an epilator is designed for, rather than at the root. That’s one of the main reasons you’ve got an epilator after all, to remove hair right from the root!

Why are epilators so good?

When used correctly, epilators remove hair fair lower down at the root, giving a much smoother finish and removing way more hair. This smooth finish also lasts much longer. They’re also affordable and convenient, especially if you compare using one to making hair removal appointments regularly.

Are there any drawbacks with epilators?

The main drawback of an epilator is that they can be a bit painful at the start. Most epilators get used to this. Some users can also get irritated and rashes may appear, but correct epilator use can minimize the risk of this. What is correct epilator use? Exfoliate prior to using your epilator, moisturize after, and make sure you clean the unit after every use. This will reduce the risk of rashes and irritations, as well as infections. To reduce pain, go slower and don’t rush things. You don’t want to miss any hairs, either.

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