People often buy a carrier-restricted phone at a contract to keep the device within a reasonable budget. But, the issue here is that several carriers tend to keep the phone locked. This is done so that customers use the network service provided by them only. 

If you have such a locked phone and are looking for a way to unlock it to use it with any network, then this guide on how to unlock the mobile phone will help you resolve the issue. Another method exists where you can use an external service to help you with how to unlock mobile phone. But, that is risky if the company is not a genuine one. You may need to do some research on finding a firm that genuinely helps in unlocking devices instead of exploiting the phone data.

It should also be noted that once a phone is unlocked through such third-party organizations, it may lose its insurance and warranty privileges, as most renowned carriers do not allow this. Nevertheless, you can get your phone unlocked through a paid service as well, if your carrier does not help you.

However, this guide will discuss the appropriate method for helping you unlock a mobile phone. Continue reading to know them.

How to Unlock a Mobile Phone

Use Phone Network Carrier To Unlock Device

As mentioned earlier, you can unlock your phone if the present carrier on your phone permits you to do so. For this, you can perform the following steps:

  • Verify If The Phone Is Truly Locked Or Not – It is possible that the phone you purchased is already unlocked. Android phones, in particular, are usually unlocked when you are buying them from a specific carrier. Plus, if you are fulfilling the criteria for unlocking a phone, then it is possible that the carrier is ready to open it for you. In cases where you purchased from eBay, you are likely to own an unlocked device.
  • Check For Eligibility Criteria For Unlocking A Device From Your Carrier – You are going to need the help of your network carrier for unlocking the mobile. Contact them and ask for what all you need to do for cracking your device.
  • Look For The IMEI Number – Your network carrier service is going to need your phone’s IMEI number to help with the process. Similarly, for CDMA phones, the agency may require an MEID number. For this, you can do the following based on the type of phone you possess.
    • For Android – Access the phone settings, and open the About directory. Click on Status, and search for the IMEI or MEID number there.
    • For iPhone – Enter the settings section, and visit the About Phone tab. Click the Status button and locate the MEID or IMEI number.
  • Be Prepared To Give All Relevant Information Related To Your Account To The Carrier – More specifically, you are going to need your account details for verification and unlocking procedure. So, be ready for that when your carrier asks you about it.
  • Get The Unlocking Code From The Carrier – After verifying your account, the carrier will provide you with a code that comprises of many digits. You can use it to unlock your device. This verification and unlocking code will be discussed with you via a telephonic conversation. Alternatively, you may find that your carrier’s website has a section to verify your details and get the code. Do note, that you may be charged to access a code for unlocking your device.
  • Verify The Type Of Phone You Have – You will need to figure out whether you own a GSM phone or a CDMA device. This is important so that your carrier can provide you with a relevant code to unlock it.
  • Get A New Sim Card From Your Choice Of Carrier – For this, you can approach the same carrier to purchase a sim card from whom you will take help in unlocking your mobile phone.
  • Replace Existing Sim With New One – This simple step involves taking out the old sim and replacing it with the new one. Do not forget to switch your phone off while doing this. Turn your phone on once you add the new sim.
  • Input The Code – Your phone will ask for the unlock code upon switching on. Just enter the code in the device, and it should be fully unlocked for you. Note that, some phone might first ask for the passcode set up on it. You may need to enter that first before adding the unlock code.


After you follow the above steps, you will find that your phone is working without any difficulties. If however, you are unable to get the window that asks for the unlock code, then you may need to contact your network provider to assist you with it.

Remember that you can use a third-party service to help you unlock your device as well. But, use that at your own risk. Hopefully, you learnt the right way on how to unlock your mobile phone through this guide.

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