Kodi is a well-known universal media player that is used widely on various types of devices. You can use Kodi on your smart TV, computer, and even laptop. Kodi allows users to play several videos from the internet. This software will transform your device into the ultimate entertainment portal.

You can get the software as an add-on for your computer, Kodi box, the app, and even Kodi TVs. All these are designed to give you the perfect viewer experience with movies, sports shows, TV shows, etc. all being available on Kodi.

One merit associated with Kodi is its open-source nature. This quality allows many other coders from all around the world to upgrade and alter it for the better. It used to be managed by XBMC Foundation, a non-profit organization. But back then, Kodi required some skill to operate. Nowadays, however, it isn’t as sophisticated, and one can easily follow a couple of steps and set it up successfully.

Kodi, at first, can come off as a very overwhelming software to wrap your head around. However, many people across the world have cracked it, and millions today are using Kodi for their entertainment. So why shouldn’t you?

So how do you set up and finally start benefitting from its wide range of options? This article will show you how.

Installing Kodi on your devices

The first step to using Kodi is having the media player set up on your devices. Kodi works on many devices. Major ones include Android tablets and smartphones, Windows PC, Mac OS, Smart TVs, and Android TV boxes.

For Android phones and tablets, installing Kodi is entirely stress-free. Like all Android apps, Kodi is easily located on the Android Play Store. Once found, follow the instructions on how to install it.

For Apple phones, Kodi is not listed on their app store. However, unofficial app stores have Kodi. Theirs will be compatible with iOS devices. Tweakbox is an excellent example of such an app store.

Opening the official Tweakbox website will allow you to download the Tweakbox app store. Follow the instructions and install the app, then from there, look up Kodi. Like in Android, the iOS version is also pretty easy to install.

Android TVs, as well as Android TV boxes, also follow simple steps when installing Kodi. Being Android enabled, they automatically come with Google Play Store installed. Switch on the TV or TV box. Ensure the latter is connected to the TV. Also, the devices need to be connected to the internet.

Once the TV lights up, you will see from its menu, Google Play Store. Click on it, look for Kodi app, follow the installation instructions, and it will automatically install.

On Windows PC, Kodi can be obtained from their official Kodi site. It is worth noting that different windows versions will work with different installers listed on the site.

Get a VPN

The next step is setting up a good VPN. The VPN software is not only meant for illegal activities. They also help mask your internet traffic from hackers, your ISP, and possibly data mining entities.

Before you start to watch TV shows, you must install a good VPN. One excellent VPN to use is the Express VPN. This add-on will protect your privacy online. What’s more, the software is also compatible with an array of devices from Android-based to iOS ones.


Once you have gotten your Kodi installed and a VPN software in place, you are almost set. What you now need are add-ons, lots of them. For Kodi users, add-ons are the most crucial element of the whole Kodi experience. Without them, all you will be having is an everyday media player with barely any content to watch. Kodi add-ons bring internet content to the tips of your fingers.

Kodi, in essence, is like any other media player. It can do what other players like VLC do, play locally stored media. But with add-ons, Kodi becomes something else fantastic.

There are tons of add-ons out there. And each one of them is unique to the kind of content you would be interested in. Being based on open-source designs, anyone can develop add-ons for Kodi. That is why you should always be on the lookout for anything new. However, not all Kodi add-ons are legit. Others are plain. However, there are important ones that you must have.

Add-ons to look out for are those for live shows, sports, popular movies, and TV shows.

Installing a Kodi add-on

You should first establish add-ons before you can enjoy Kodi. You should first decide what kind of content you are interested in. There are tons of stuff you could watch on Kodi. You might want to have a look at the best Kodi add-ons to get a feeling of what is on offer.

After that, find the add-on for your content, find its source, and add it to Kodi. After this, install the repository and finally the add-on from the repository.

Using add-ons to view content

Your add-ons are the key to your entire Kodi experience. So the more you have, or the higher their quality, the better you will enjoy Kodi.

Kodi supports add-ons for different things. The main ones are, however, video add-ons that enable you to watch content from.

Video add-ons are found on the left side of your screen. You will see the ‘Add-ons’ right there. Click on it, and the video add-ons will be revealed. All of your video links will now be displayed for you to choose from. To use any video add-on, click on it once.

Different add-ons feature different content. This will be highlighted with how it will display. For movies, you will see some genres and maybe updated shows, etc.


All in all, Kodi is quite easy to use. With a little patience, you will be comfortable setting up Kodi by your own after unlocking a world full of entertainment.

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