September 24, 2019

Did you know that a simple rowing machine has a ton of different benefits compared to a range of other pieces of fitness equipment. Not only is it affordable and fun but it actually works a range of muscles that other fitness equipment really can’t match. To get this kind of full-body workout without a rowing machine would require multiple other pieces of equipment, but if you’ve got the right machinery, you can enjoy a great workout without breaking the bank. Rowing machines are also competitive and fun, and can be used in all-weather. In this article, we’re going to look at all the different rowing machine benefits so you know exactly why you should be using that great piece of equipment.

If you’re in the market for some new fitness equipment or simply want to know what you should be targeting when you hit the gym, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at all the reasons why the rowing machine is the number one piece of equipment in the business. That means it’s a great option to buy for your home or use more regularly at your local fitness center. So what are the benefits of a rowing machine and what muscles do they work? Let’s have a look…

They work every major muscle group

Unlike most other pieces of fitness equipment, rowing machines hit every major muscle group! That means you really can get a great all-body workout with just one piece of equipment—the rowing machine.

Rowing uses both the upper and lower body. You might think rowers need strong upper bodies as they’re using their arms to do most of the work, but that isn’t completely true. They’re also using their backs, legs and core a lot too. All of these need to be strong to be a top rower, so they’re all getting a workout on a rowing machine.

Loads of different muscles are used with a rowing machine, including back, shoulders, arms, glutes, and hamstrings, amongst others. This makes rowing machines way more beneficial than a number of other pieces of gym equipment. While it’s not normally recommended to stick to only one piece of equipment for an all-around gym workout, if you had to stick to one it should probably be the rowing machine.

Rowing will work your upper and lower back muscles quite hard. That includes your shoulders, traps and more. This sort of workout should improve your posture and help build muscles in these areas. Rowing machines also work the biceps, abs and pecs to a slightly smaller extent. It’ll also strengthen your hands.

As you can imagine, rowing machines are also great for lower-body workouts, too. Muscles worked include thighs, calves and glutes.

Great for cardio and weight loss

Unlike some other weight-lifting routines, rowing machines are actually great for both your muscles and your heart. In other words, they provide a great cardiovascular workout. That’s cardio. This has a number of benefits to your health as a whole, including building heart health, improving stamina and boosting your immune system. This sort of cardio work can also release mood-boosting chemicals to make you feel better.

Cardio is also great for weight loss, and that makes rowing machines one of the best pieces of equipment around if you’re trying to shed some pounds. There aren’t many other machines in the gym that help both build muscle and give you a cardio workout at the same time, so that’s why rowing machines are one of the mainstays of many fitness centers. It’s also why they continue to get more and more popular every year.

Low impact

If weight loss and burning calories is your main goal, then a rowing machine could be for you. They burn about 600 calories an hour (depending on your weight). That’s pretty similar to running. However, rowing machines are much better for you than running because they don’t have as much impact on your joints. Long-term running, especially on the road but even on running machines can often lead to injuries and joint issues. Yes, it’s still a good way to burn calories, but when you can burn just as many without causing injuries and joint issues while working every major muscle group, you can see why rowing machines are far superior.

It’s also argued that lower-body workouts burn calories faster than upper-body alternatives, so that’s another benefit.

It’s convenient

When you’ve got access to a rowing machine, you can get that great workout we’ve discussed any time you want. That’s not quite the case when you need perfect weather to go for a bike ride or daytime hours to go for a run. Not only that, but you can obviously see how rowing on a machine is more convenient than actually rowing. After all, to row properly you would need an expensive boat and a lake nearby, and also some teammates. Proper rowing has quite a high barrier to entry, and isn’t sustainable for long periods of time. But rowing machines are in every gym, and you can row for miles without worrying about getting wet or turning around to row back home.

They’re affordable

While a rowing machine in itself isn’t cheap, there are some affordable options on the market. If you don’t want to use the one at your gym, you could consider buying your own and having easy access in your own home. If you look at how much you might end up spending over the years on gym memberships, or other expensive equipment, you can soon start to see a rowing machine as a more affordable option.

They’re fun and competitive

You can start timing your rows and record your results, and compare them with friends. Rowing machines are easy to use and you can also watch television or listen to music while enjoying a good workout. Start improving your speeds and hitting the results you want more often with the right rowing workouts.

Hopefully, you’ve seen how great rowing machines can be for your body and your health. Start using one today.

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