It is evident that the modern flat screen TVs require extra care due to their fragile bodies. This is especially applicable to the TV screens that are made of glass. Without proper care of the screen, it can end up with stubborn stains that may not be removable that easily.

To help you, this guide on how to clean TV screen will provide you with a few methods. Continue reading and use the method that suits best for you.

How to Clean a TV Screen

1.     Use Microfiber Cloth To Clean The Screen

This simple procedure of cleaning involves the use of a soft cloth, specifically a microfiber one. Such fabrics can trap the dust particles really efficiently. Furthermore, they do not leave fabric lint behind after using them. So, it is a good choice to use them for cleaning the screen. Here is how you should proceed with the steps.

  • Ensure that the television is turned off – You do not want the TV turned on as it can cause static electricity to develop when you use the cloth over the screen surface. As a result, the dust particles may not remove from the screen that easily due to developed charge. Another reason to switch off the TV is to help you see the dust and stains on the dark screen clearly.
  • Use the cloth to wipe the display – Make sure that you use the microfiber fabric gently over the surface. Try to wipe the screen in a linear motion. Wipe the grime or other particles with the help of the cloth. Do not be too hard with your movement and force. Another thing to remember is that avoid using cotton rags, tissue paper, newspaper, etc., as these can leave abrasive marks on the screen.
  • Check the screen after wiping – Has the screen become clean? If the dirt on the screen has been wiped through this method, then there might not be a need to wash it.

However, stubborn stains may require the use of the following method.

2.     Use Vinegar Solution To Clean TV Screen

For this method, you are going to need vinegar and water in equal composition to create a solution first. Vinegar is an impressive cleansing agent that you can use for cleaning many items. Also, make sure that the TV turned off for this method to see the screen better.

Go through the steps on how to clean TV screen using vinegar solution below:

  • Dip a microfiber cloth in the solution – Instead of spraying the solution on the screen, you need to moisten the cloth with the solution. Direct contact with the solution may cause the screen to develop permanent marks.
  • Use gentle movement to wipe the stains from the screen – Instead of using the damp cloth to wipe the complete TV screen, focus on the areas where the marks are prominent. If needed, dip the cloth again to moisture the cloth and wipe on the grime.
  • Use clean and dry microfiber fabric to wipe afterwards – This is needed to wipe the solution and the residue from the TV screen after removing the stubborn marks. Ensure that you do not wait for the vinegar solution on the screen to dry, as that can damage the screen.

3.     Taking Care Of TV Screen Scratches

Sometimes, your TV screen may have permanent scratches that you cannot remove using the above two methods. In such a situation, you need the help of intricate cleaning kits for repairing the marks on the screen.

Here’s what you can do:

  • First, check for the TV’s warranty – Your appliance may still be under warranty. That way, you can contact the customer care service to get a replacement for your TV. If not, then move to the next step.
  • Take help from a scratch cleaning utility – You can get hands on one of these tool kits from the TV stores. These can be pretty handy in situations where the display gets deep scratches. Just stick to the directions present on the cleaning kit for this step.
  • Take some petroleum jelly to clean the screen – Apply some of this lubricant to a cotton swab first. Use the swab to cover the jelly over the scratches gently. This should help hide the scratches to some extent.
  • Apply clear lacquer – Another way by which you can hide the scratches is lacquer. Using a clear one will add an extra layer of coating over the marks, thus hiding them from clear sight.


Hopefully, this guide on how to clean TV screen through the various methods was helpful to you. Make sure that you do it safely, as the flat screens are fragile.

One wrong move can result in damage to your TV. If possible, do it while someone is holding the TV so that it stays in place on the wall mount or a similar support frame. If possible, clean the screen after removing the television from its place and laying it flat on a soft surface that does not leave any chance of mishaps.

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