If you want to make sure your bike is as secure as possible, you’ll probably be looking for a good bike lock. Bike locks are a great way to secure your bike when you’re on the move. Maybe you’re storing it outside a shop or in another public place where you can’t lock it indoors. Maybe you’ve taken the healthy and affordable option to cycle to work and need to lock it securely during office hours. If that’s the case, you’ve made the right choice—but you’ll also want to keep your bike as safe as you possibly can.

To keep your bike safe you probably want to get yourself a good quality bike lock. Did you know that there’s actually quite a big difference between a lot of the bike locks that are currently on the market? Some of them might look sturdy, but they simply won’t do the job against a high-end pair of bolt cutters. Yes, a bike lock is great against opportunist thieves who’ve only got their hands to work with, but anyone serious about stealing a bike who has the right equipment with them can actually cut through more locks than you might think.

So if you’ve found yourself asking, is there a bike lock that cannot be cut—then you’re in the right place. In this article we’re going to look at a few different types of bike locks and which ones are stronger and better. Find out the best and most durable bike lock for your bike by continuing to read this article.

Is there a bike lock that cannot be cut?

The short answer to this question is no. Unfortunately there aren’t any commercial bike locks (or any other kind that we know of) that absolutely cannot be cut. However, the reality is that there is a range of bike locks that are next to impossible to cut without an angle grinder. When asking the question about finding a bike lock that cannot be cut, we can find a number of locks that are impossible to cut with chain or bolt cutters. That makes them safe against the vast majority of bicycle thieves. However, the police and fire service might have equipment that can get through even the strongest locks, like angle grinders and other serious industrial-level cutting equipment.

So if you want a bike lock that’s absolutely impossible to cut, then there aren’t really any options. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off using your bike and locking it in public. If you want a bike lock that’s virtually impossible for any normal person to cut with standard equipment, then there are still plenty of options. Let’s have a look at them…

Firstly, we should look at the two most popular different types of bike locks. The first is a solid fixed-arm lock (those ones that come in a standard U shape). The other most popular type of bike lock is a chain lock. These chain locks are more portable and easy to store, but the U-shaped locks are normally the strongest. There are quite a few different U-shaped locks on the market that cannot be cut by bolt cutters or other similar equipment. While the chain locks tend to be a bit easier to break, there are still a few high-end options within this type of lock that are super-hard to cut as well.

So what different bike locks are there if you want one that’s really hard to cut?

Bear in mind that some of the stronger bike locks might not necessarily be the best lock for you and your bike. After all, there are other factors that play a role in determining a good bike lock other than how easy or hard it is to cut. Things like price but also weight and portability are quite important. Some of the hardest locks to cut are the heaviest and also hardest to carry around. This could weigh your bike down and make it much harder to get around on. So it’s a decision you’ll have to think about carefully.

Remember that the likelihood of your bike lock getting cut is still quite low. Especially if you follow some other bike safety tips that we’ll look at in a minute. But if you really want one of the strongest and least-cuttable locks and don’t mind about the other compromises, here are some good options:

The Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit is considered possibly the strongest bike lock on the market. It’s a U-shaped lock and comes highly recommended from a number of different industry experts. Made from thick steel, this lock is considered impossible to cut with standard bolt cutters. It’s also a mini U-lock which makes it even harder to cut as there’s no space between the lock and the bike for certain cutting equipment to fill.

Another recommended option is the Kryptonite New York. This is a bigger lock (also U-shaped) but it has a slightly thinner shackle. Even so, it’s still a considerably heavy-duty piece of equipment,

If you’d prefer a chain lock, there are still some super-strong options available on the market. You might want to try something like the Pragmasis Protector. This is another highly-recommended piece of equipment and is considered one of the strongest chain locks on the market. Experts agree that you can only cut this lock with an angle grinder.

Other safety tips when looking after your bike

If you want to secure your bike but either don’t have a strong lock or are worried about someone turning up with an angle grinder, there are a few tips you can use. Firstly, try keeping your bike in a lockable garage or other unit. Ask your workplace if they have anywhere like this if you store your bike there. Another option is keeping it in a place with a lot of footfall. While you might think this makes a theft more likely, it will actually put off people turning up with cutting equipment as they won’t want to draw attention to themselves. You could also consider removing a wheel when you lock your bike, which could put off even more thieves. As well as this, you could chip your bike so that it’s easier to track if it is stolen.

Hopefully, you now know a bit more about bike locks and which one is for you—as well as a bit more info on bike security in general.

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