Have you ever tried cleaning your mattress before? Cleaning a mattress is an easy task. Here’s why it is essential to learn how to clean a mattress. Sweat, blood, and urine stains, if left unattended to, produce unpleasant smells and promotes the growth of mould. A dirty mattress can be a habitation for dust mites and bed bugs which can cause you sleepless nights.

A good night’s sleep is vital in proper immune function, memory, and body metabolism. Your mind needs adequate rest to process and retain information more so after learning something new. Regularly cleaning your mattress not only ensures you get a good night’s sleep but also preserves your mattress’s condition.

The following practical steps will help you learn how to clean a mattress.

7 easy steps to clean a mattress

1. Strip the Bed

First of all, remove all your blankets/ duvet cover, pillows, toys, and other decorative items. Then remove the pillowcases from the pads, top sheets, and fitted sheets. Unzip your mattress protector. Now wash all your beddings using your washing machine. If your duvet does not fit in your washing machine, you can move it to your local launderette.

They tend to have larger washing machines. Use hot water and dryer settings to get rid of all bacteria and dust mites. Use laundry detergent to remove tough stains. Be sure to check out the manufacturer’s labels for your fabrics before washing to prevent shrink or damage to your beddings. Note: Avoid washing organic cotton mattress covers using hot water and dryer settings, instead use cold water and air dry.

2. Vacuum

Start by cleaning your vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment, then use it to clean your mattress. Vacuum all the nooks and crannies. Use a suitable brush attachment to get to all nooks and crannies of your bed. For example: Use a long nozzle attachment to vacuum the corners and sides of your mattress. A broad-brush attachment is suitable for cleaning your mattress top. Proper vacuuming will remove all the dust, hair, mites, and debris from your bed.

3. Remove Stains

Spilt drinks, sweat, and bodily fluids form stains on your beddings if left unchecked. Urine and blood stains produce offensive odours, which can taint your bedroom. Correct this menace by using the following methods.

To remove stains from dirt, food, and drinks, you need a small bowl, a toothbrush, a spoon, 1 TBSP of salt, 1 TBSP of liquid dish soap and 2 TBSP of hydrogen peroxide.

• Pour each ingredient in the small bowl and stir to create suds. Scrub the affected areas gently using a toothbrush. Use a little amount of the cleaning solution in case you have a memory foam mattress. Blot with a clean white rag.
• Alternatively, you can use dilute dish detergent. Use a spray to sprinkle dilute dish detergent on the affected areas to help remove simple stains. Let it sit. Blot the mattress of excess cleaning solution using a clean white towel.
• For blood and urine stains, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the affected areas. Blot the affected area with a clean towel. In case it doesn’t work for you, try applying a small amount of laundry detergent.

4. Cover with Bicarbonate of Soda

Pour bicarbonate of soda into a sifter and tap the side of the sifter to let it spread evenly over the mattress. Combine the bicarbonate of soda with essential oil if you wish to give your bed a sweet scent. Allow it to perform its magic for an hour or more depending on your schedule. The longer it sits, the more it absorbs the odours along with excess liquid you might have improperly blot while removing stains.

5. Vacuum again

Vacuum thoroughly to remove the bicarbonate of soda along with other odours and stain removers that have been absorbed by the bicarbonate of soda. Pay attention to all the seams and crevices. As mentioned earlier, use a suitable brush attachment.

6. Air Out

Allow it to dry in the sunshine for a few hours, or you can open your curtains and windows to let the sunlight dry your mattress. Airing out prevents the accumulation of moisture, which can lead to mould. It also helps remove any persistent odours.

7. Make Your Bed

Before making your bed, feel the mattress to check for moisture. If your mattress is completely dry, use clean beddings to make your bed.

Additional Tips on How to Keep Your Mattress Clean

• To prolong your mattress’ life always clean any food crumbs, spilt drinks, and bodily fluids immediately. Wash your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets using your washing machine. You can also blot the mess using a clean white rag, then use any cleaning solution that you have.
• Take a shower before bed. Do not carry your day’s sweat to bed.
• Avoid eating on your bed. Food crumbs attract cockroaches, which are irritating. You do not desire a room full of cockroaches!
• Use a mattress protector if you do not have one. It keeps away bed bugs and dust mites.
• Keep your bedroom cool. Buy a fan. It helps you cool down your room temperature, especially if you live in hot, humid areas. It also helps get you less sweaty during the night.
• Formulate a routine that you’ll use to clean your mattress regularly. Periodically cleaning your mattress helps preserve its condition.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to maintain a hygienic sleeping environment. A clean mattress ensures that you do not suffer from sleeping disorders, allergic reactions, and skin irritations. Make this a habit to enjoy your night’s sleep.

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