If you haven’t seen Apple watches recently, where have you been? They’re the new must-have gadget that’s taken the tech world by storm, and many people think that’s for good reason. But if you’re like many, you might still be wondering exactly what’s so good about an Apple watch and how to use one for you?

If you want to know how to use an Apple watch, then keep reading this article. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them, so you can make the most out of your new smart watch – or decide whether one is worth purchasing.

What is an Apple watch?

And Apple watch is a smart watch made by technology giants Apple. But what is a smart watch? It’s a watch that does so much more than just tell the time. You can install a wide range of apps on it that can help you with your day-to-day tasks. They’re great for tracking your activities and helping you reach your fitness goals, but also so much more than that. Communication and social media options take smart watches like the Apple watch to the next level.

How to use an Apple watch

Once you’ve got your Apple watch out of the box, plug it in and give it its first charge. Some Apple watches will already come pre-charged. That’s one initial drawback of an Apple watch – it needs charging. Normal watches don’t. But Apple watches are so much more than a normal watch, so if you charge it while you sleep, you can enjoy it during the day.

You might want to then look for a few new apps to install. This is simple with a few button clicks once you’ve joined a Wi-fi network or got access to your mobile network for data. Set these up by following the instructions carefully. There are tons of apps to install, but you can also start using one of the ones that comes pre-installed. You’ll need an Apple account to start using properly, but this is free to join and simple to do (just follow the instructions when prompted).

When you have your watch one, you’ll sometimes need to re-engage it in order to see the time. This can be done with a simple flick of the wrist.

The best apps for Apple watch

Now you know how to use your Apple watch and want to start making the most of the range of possibilities it brings, let’s have a look at some of the best apps for Apple watches:


A calculator wasn’t bundled with the Apple watch, but this app makes it easy to make calculations on the fly even with a small screen. Having a calculator on-the-go is super convenient, and you probably use your smart phone one quite a lot as it is. Now you can use your watch to do the same job.


If you’re having trouble getting around big cities, you don’t need to worry about getting a map out (or your phone). Citymapper has a ton of features to help you in many major cities, and is supported by London and Manchester in the UK as well as a number of American cities already. You can get tube maps, journey planners and all sorts of other info to make getting around big cities easy, especially on public transport.


If you’re in the business world, you might already have heard of this powerful note-taking app. Actually, it’s good for so much more than just taking notes. Evernote for Apple watch makes it much easier to take, read and follow a range of different notes from the simplicity of your Apple watch.

Green Kitchen

Enjoy cooking healthy, organic and vegetarian recipes? Tired of getting your phone screen dirty with food-fingers. Haven’t got a printer? Green Kitchen for Apple watch is a great way to get recipes and other cooking advice straight from your wrist. It includes a timer and other great tools to help you cook.


You already know what this is, but now you can browse and enjoy from your watch with the Apple watch Instagram app.


Being able to communicate with someone in a different language can be difficult, but now you can make it easier with this handy watch app. It has voice recognition and can help you communicate in a number of different languages without having to get your phone out or your old dictionary.


When you hook up your heating system and thermostat to your watch, life gets a whole lot easier. With Nest, you can control your heating and thermostat from your wrist. That means you can stay on the couch when you want to cool things down a bit, or tell your thermostat to start warming things up when you’re walking home and won’t be back for a few minutes. All of this and more becomes easy with Next for Apple watch.

Do you really need an Apple watch?

Apple watches are super-convenient. While you can install most of these apps on your iPhone, you don’t get the same portability and tracking abilities. It’s not as easy to simply “wear” an iPhone, especially when you’re going for a run. That being said, it depends what you want to use the watch for. Some people find they’re happy enough using standard phone apps and simply don’t need all of that on their wrist. You have to decide how important that is to you before you can really know if you need an Apple watch or not.

Apple watch alternatives

If you like the idea of an Apple watch but simply can’t afford one, you’re not alone. After all, while Apple watched might be the best, they’re also the most expensive. There are a range of other smart watch alternatives including a number of different Andoird watches. Many of these can do a good job and might be much cheaper. Just remember, you won’t be able to install the same apps as you can on an Apple watch.

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