Got a new food processor and aren’t sure how to use it? This article is for you. Even if you’ve already got an old machine, you might still have no idea what to use it for. After all, do you really still hold on to those manuals years after you bought it?

We’re not just going to show you how to use a food processor in this article, we’re also going to tell you about all the benefits of getting one if you haven’t made the purchase already. Think that a food processor is just for a few basic recipes? You’re mistaken, there’s so much you can do with a food processor that you might not have thought of. Some of it could even improve your health. So if you want to know how to use a food processor and what they’re good for, keep reading. We’re also going to tell you how to find the right food processor for you and get the best deal in the process.

Benefits of a food processor

If you aren’t sure why you might want to use a food processor yet, there might be more reasons than you think. Check out these benefits:

Faster food prep

Tired of spending ages peeling all your veg and preparing them one by one? With a food processor, you can get it all done in seconds. Food processors are especially good if you want liquid food – but that’s not all they’re useful for. You can also blend your own meat and much much more. Remember, you don’t have to use your food processor on the fastest setting and blitz the food, you can have it run slower to get a coarser finish to the things you process.

Healthy eating options

There are tons of different ways to get healthy with a food processor. You can get all sorts of goodness and nutrients packed into the things you process, sometimes without even noticing it. Disguise those healthy vegetables by mixing them with something you love. Home-made burgers can be made healthy with the right food processing options.

Bulk cooking options

If you like cooking big bulk meals to freeze and cook later on, a food processor can help. If you get one with a high-volume, you can make massive sauces and mixes for use over the following months.

Can use it for lots of different things

In a minute, we’re going to show you how to use a food processor. But remember, they can be used for so much more than you think. Some people have traditional views about what they think a food processor can be used for that eliminates a lot of options. Don’t get stuck with this sort of thinking, you can use them for almost anything.

Improved chopping

Hate chopping? You’re not alone. If you throw your ingredients into a food processor and give them a quick blitz, you can do minutes worth of chopping in seconds.

Money saving

When you buy minced meat in the shops, you’re already paying someone else to process it. With the right processor, you can save money by mincing your own meat. You can also know exactly what’s going into your food when you do it yourself.

Soup making

Soups are healthy and great in the winter. Each tin of soup might seem cheap, but you could save money by making your own. Not only that, but with home-made soups you’re free to make exactly what you want, and they can taste much nicer. If that’s not enough, home-made soups are also much healthier as they have fewer preservatives in them.

Smoothie making

Another healthy option for your home food processor is smoothies. Try swapping out lunches for smoothies instead. You can pack all sorts of fruit goodness into a smoothie. Eating that many nutrients in one sitting can be difficult, but drinking them is easy. And fun. And tasty. Start building your smoothie lineup today.

How to find the right food processor

Now you know why you might want a food processor, how do you find one?

Shop around

Don’t buy one in the first place you go to. Have a look around and try a few in shops.

Read reviews

Check online to see what the best food processor is for you. Make sure you can afford a high-end one, or look for budget options if you can’t.

Look for special offers

You might be able to find a special deal on a great food processor, so shop around and look both online and in store.

How to use a food processor

So you’ve found the perfect food processor for you. Great. But what’s next? You’ve got to use it! Here’s how to use a food processor:

Plug it in

This step is simple, right? But make sure it’s safely plugged and not near a water source. Only leave it plugged in when you’re using it. Also, make sure you always use your processor and don’t let children use it unsupervised.

Read the manual

Don’t skip this step, there might be some important info for your specific food processor. If you haven’t got a manual, you can try online.

Set up the right extensions and blades

You should have a load of different options with regards to extensions and blades, and the type of food prep you’ll be doing will require a different one. Get everything set up and in a safe area.

Put the food in it

Use a funnel for liquids, or be careful not to spill things over the edge. Be careful pouring things out after you’ve blended as well.

Switch it on

Don’t forget to put the guard on top so food doesn’t go anywhere.


Now you’ve blended up all that healthy, tasty goodness – you can start enjoying it. Invite some guests when you’ve perfect a couple of recipes and show them what they’re missing out on if they haven’t got a food processor themselves.

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