Homemade ice cream is effortless to make! With a little guideline, a few ingredients and household kitchen wares you too can easily make homemade ice cream. Almost all the cooking books and related magazines believe that you got to have an ice cream maker at home. However, you can emulate the mixing mechanism of an ice cream maker by continuous blending and mixing the ingredients, i.e., milk, cream, ice, and vanilla or any other flavour.

The best part of making homemade ice cream is how quickly it comes together. In a matter of five to ten minutes, you can make an enjoyable and creamy batch of ice cream.

You are never too old for making or tasting ice cream. It is okay if you still have a soft spot for the cone scoop you used to have while you were young but making ice-cream yourself can be a game changer.

Ingredients and Materials

A critical component in making an ice cream making method is the salt. When you blend salt with ice, it drops the freezing point of the ice. Water usually freezes at 0 °C , but a 20 per cent salt solution freezes it at a low temperature of -16 °C. This is one of the reasons salt is sprinkled on icy roads as the salt causes the ice cream to melt.

The recipe is based on the principle of freezing; by using the freezing solution, we rapidly freeze the sweetened milk and cream into ice cream. You can use this trick for making instant slushies of your favourite flavoured soft beverages.


• Two cups sweetened condensed milk
• Two tablespoons sugar or sweetener
• Two cups cold heavy whipping cream
• half teaspoon vanilla


• Two to three cups ice, crushed or cube form
• Less than half cup genuine or rough salt
• one litre sized plastic zip lock bag
• one gallon sized plastic ziplock freezer bag
• Mixer


First Method

• First of all, take the vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, and sugar or sweetener in a plastic bag. Make sure that the bag is sealed airtight, so that no air pollutants or contaminants may enter. Press out any trapped air.
• Now mix the ice and salt in the gallon sized plastic zip lock bags.
• Place the small bag into a giant plastic bag and seal it tightly.
• Vigorously shake the make for 4-5 minutes so that the salt mixes well with the ice. Use rubber gloves while mixing the ice pack as it is cold. You can use the help of friends to mix the ice bags and have fun tossing it around but beware as it might slip.
• After shaking the bag for more than five minutes, you can check the wet bag. You can see that the fluid inside the small zip lock is now stiff. Do not open the bag for a while and place it on a towel or plate for a while until the ice settles.
• The ice from the large zip lock will now surround the smaller bag containing milk, sugar, and cream. After a while, the liquid will harden taking the form of ice cream
• Open both of the bags and take the ice cream by scooper from the smaller container. The ice cream is ready to be served.

Alternate Method

• Place the sweetened condensed milk in the refrigerator to keep cold.
• By using a mixer fitted with beat attachment, whip the cream continuously for 5 minutes. Stop the mixer when you see peaks are forming in the cream.
• After turning off the mixer, add cold condensed milk into the whipping cream.
• Turn on the speed up to medium or high and whisk it. The mixture will turn thick and stiff.
• Turn off the machine and stir in vanilla.

Now you know the basics of making an ice cream flavour at home. You can replicate the process many times or make your experiments using different flavours other than vanilla. Once you finish creating your flavoured ice cream, transfer your ice cream mixture to an airtight container and freeze it for at least 6 hours or overnight before consumption. Remember, it can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.

Guidelines for making better Ice Cream:

• How to make more: You can make two small servings by following the instructions above. However you can increase the quantity by making a few changes in the recipe, i.e., You have to place the mixture inside of a two litre-sized plastic bag. If you have a sturdy, more giant bag inside, add the dough inside it shake for 5 minutes. You can also do this in significant quantities by using empty coffee cans.
• Using freezer bags: By using high-quality freezer bags, you can prevent any possible leakage as they are stronger than any regular gallon sized bags.

Variations on This Recipe:

By using non condensed milk in the recipe above, you can create lighter and less dense ice cream. You can use half-and-half (a combination of whole milk and light) for a smoother and soft ice cream texture. Use organic ingredients for organic ice cream, and be sure to add chopped fruits such as orange, peach, chocolate chips, or even nuts to create the flavours according to your liking.

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