Everyone loves chips, right? There’s a big debate about what’s better chips or fries! If you’re American, you might think of chips like what the British call CRISPS. But that’s not what this article is about. This is about REAL CHIPS. Like the kind you get with fish and chips and in more traditional takeaways. You know those chunky ones!

So if you’re a big fan of chips, you probably already know a few places to get them in your local area. Some restaurants and takeaways do really good ones. But that’s not the only place for chips. Some of the best can be home cooked ones, completely by yourself. In this article, we’re going to look at how to cook some of the best home cooked chips around. This can be a cheaper alternative and one that’s easier and quicker to do than ordering in.

Maybe you live somewhere where good local chips simply aren’t an option. Maybe your local takeaways aren’t that great. Maybe you don’t even have a local takeaway! Or maybe you want to have fun making your own, or save a bit of money. You could also enjoy the freedom making your own home cooked chips can give you. You could give them a little twist or find something even better to put on them.

How to make homemade chips

So now you know a few of the reasons why you might want to make your own homemade chips, here’s how you actually do it…

Pick the right potato

Try not to worry about this too much as you can actually make chips from ANY potato you’ve got your hands on. However, there are some types of potatoes that actually make much better chips. The best potatoes to use are ones that can give a fluffy lightness rather than ones that are too waxy. Try Maris Piper or King Edwards. You will also obviously want bigger potatoes rather than newer, smaller ones.

Cut the right size

Some people have potato chippers that give a uniform cut to all chips, but you don’t really need one of these. Sometimes, little imperfections and roughly chopped chips can be much more authentic. Just make sure you cut them to reasonably the same size as you’ll want them to cook at the same speed, otherwise some could be cooked and other uncooked. Some people prefer large, chunky chips while others might prefer a thinner variant. How you cut them is up to you, and that’s one of the great things about making your own chips. But remember that thicker chips might take a bit longer to cook.

Season your chips

While most people like to season with things like salt and pepper AFTER they’ve cooked them, you can also try seasoning beforehand. This works well for chips that you decide to oven cook. More on that in a minute. You could even try additional ingredients like paprika or thyme or garlic if you want slightly different ones.

Oven cooking

You’ve basically got two choices when it comes to cooking, you can bake them in the oven or fry them. Frying might be more traditional, but it can also be more expensive and less healthy. Oven cooking can do a good job. Add a bit of oil to a pan and cook them for 20 to 30 minutes, turning occasionally. Wait til they are golden brown before serving.


For a more authentic finish, you can try frying them. Use vegetable or some other type of oil. Make sure you do this safely. A deep fat fryer can do a good job, or a simple saucepan if you’re careful.

Double frying

To make your chips even better, you could try double or even triple frying. Let the chips cool down a bit after the first fry (even in the fridge) and then fry them again! This can give a lovely crispy finish. Don’t leave the fryer unattended while waiting between fries.

Consider toppings

While some of the best homemade chips are as simple as they come, you might want to add a little twist for your own specific tastes. Some people love curry sauce with chips, or even gravy! You might also want mushy peas. All of these can be bought for the store or even made by yourself if you’ve got the time and inclination.

You could also go really off-piste and turn your chips into cheese chips! This might not be healthy, but we all deserve a treat from time to time, right? So grate some cheddar on top and give them a couple of minutes more in the oven. That way you’ll get lovely melted cheese chips.

Keep it classic

If you don’t want to concern yourself with all these additional toppings and flavours, don’t worry. The best homemade chips can be served simply cooked without any toppings, or with just a bit of salt and vinegar if you like. Maybe some ketchup on the side?

How to make homemade chips the easy way

Now you’ve seen how to make proper homemade chips, you might be wondering if there’s an easier way? There are a couple. Firstly, you could just buy a packet of frozen chips. That’s really easy, quick and chip—but you might not be able to be as creative. Although you can still go wild with toppings. If you’d rather do a bit more yourself then you can try just cutting up some potatoes into the right size and either frying them or oven cooking them. In essence, that’s all chips are.

Hopefully, you’ve now seen some of the best ways to fry or cook your own homemade chips at home. This can be fun, affordable, creative and most of all—tasty! How do you like to cook yours?

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