December 17, 2019

Garlic bread can be a great addition to all sorts of meals, or it could be a great dish by itself. But do you know how to make it? If you don’t, you’ve found the right article. In it, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about making garlic bread.

While it’s easy to buy garlic bread from the store, it’s even easier to make it yourself. You can use the best possible ingredients available rather than just pre-packaged stuff, and it should taste even nicer. Not only that, but it could be cheaper, too. Making things for yourself is a more sustainable, affordable and healthy way to cook. You’ll know exactly what has gone into your garlic bread. But how do you actually make it? Let’s have a look…

How to make garlic bread

There are a few steps to making great garlic bread at home. Some of these are quite easy to follow. It’s not complicated to make garlic bread, and it could be a great option for a wonderful family meal. But how do you do it? The first step is to find the right bread…

Find the right bread

The first step to making great garlic bread is to find the right bread. This isn’t always as simple as you might think. Great garlic bread stars normally with a baguette or French stick type of loaf. You might be able to get away with some other types of loafs, but standard white or brown sliced bread doesn’t normally work well with this.

Bread like this doesn’t have to be too expensive. You can find good baguettes and French sticks at your local supermarket. You might want white bread, wholegrain or some other variant. Most garlic bread is made best with slightly crusty white bread. This should be easy enough to find, but you can change things up a bit here if you want.

Slice the bread

Once you’ve found the right loaf, take it home to your kitchen and slice it. You’ll get the best results doing this when using a bread knife. When slicing your loaf, don’t cut all the way down to the bottom and create individual slices, you want to leave around an inch or a bit less at the bottom of each slice so that the loaf stays in one whole part. Then you can tear off individual slices after the bread has been cooked. Leaving the bread connected is an important step in creating the best possible garlic bread for you.

Heat the oven

Before you can make the best possible garlic bread in your own kitchen, you’ll need to turn the oven on in advance and start heating it. You can’t make garlic bread without a bit of heat! Most shop-bought garlic bread will require an oven as well.

If you don’t have an oven, you might have trouble making your own garlic bread. However, there are a few other options you could use including a microwave or barbecue. While these options aren’t as good as an oven, you can still try them.

Turn your oven on to around 180-degree centigrade to start getting it ready for your garlic bread. You might want to pre-heat a tray, but this isn’t necessary. it can be a good idea to “build” or make your garlic bread on a tray before sliding this into the oven.

Make a garlic spread

The next step towards making great garlic bread is to get your ingredients together. You’ll obviously need garlic, but there are a few other directions you can go with this. You could use garlic paste, or finely crush raw garlic. These both work well.

But garlic bread doesn’t just need garlic, it also needs plenty of butter. That’s one of the key ingredients just as much as garlic is. You’ll want to make a garlic and butter paste that can be spread over your bread and into the cracks. You can also add herbs like parsley as well as pepper, salt and other ingredients that you like. Mix them together in a bowl and make sure the consistency is spreadable.

Fill the bread

After you’ve got your garlic spread/paste you need to start filling the bread with it. Remember, you should already have your bread sliced partly but connected at the bottom. This is where you start filling the bread. Be generous and put plenty of garlic and butter spread in between all the slices of bread. That’s one way to make garlic bread at home that’s a lot better than the ones you buy in shops or even get in restaurants—you can be much more generous with the ingredients and create a gooey garlicy wonderfulness.

You can even add cheese at this point. Parmesan works well. You can either add thin slices of cheese into the gaps between the bread or you can grate it into your garlic mixture. Both work well, and cheesy garlic bread is even better.

Wrap loosely in foil

When you’ve filled your bread with the garlic spread, you’ll then want to wrap it in foil. Use standard kitchen foil for this. Don’t wrap the garlic loaf too tightly. Leave some space open at the top. You want the heat to get and stay in but you don’t need to wrap the bread completely.


Then you can put the bread in the oven. The actual cooking time will depend on how big the bread is, and the temperature of the oven. A good estimate would be around 10 to 20 minutes. But keep an eye on the bread and check it until it’s cooked to the desired amount. Don’t overcook it. You want a slightly golden finish with all the ingredients nicely melted through.


When you get your finished garlic bread out of the oven, it should smell great. You can then start slicing the loaf, or even better—simply tear it. Now you can tuck into that great garlic bread goodness.

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