Love drinking coffee but aren’t sure how to get that perfect brew from the comfort of your own home? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to tell you how.

Whether you’re a coffee lover and want instant access to the best espresso or simply want to be able to wow your guests, being able to make the best coffee possible will elevate your entertaining possibilities. It’ll also save you money. In this article, we’re going to really tell you how to make espresso at home, so you can start enjoying it right away.

Why would you want to know how to make espresso at home?

As we’ve just touched on, there are tons of reasons why you might ask the question: how to make espresso at home? Firstly, it’s a much cheaper option than having to pop out and buy a cup from the local cafe or coffee store every time you need a brew. For those who are already super addicted to coffee, those couple of dollars you spend every time can soon add up.

That’s why more and more people are starting to make their own coffee at home. You might think a cup of coffee from the store tastes better, and at £2.5 a cup you barely notice the cost. But what if you have three cups a day at that price? That’s £7.5 a day. Or over £2,500 a year! Think of what you could spend that money on instead, simply by making your own espressos and other coffees at home.

Aside from the cost, home made coffee is also far more convenient. Yes, living above a cafe sounds great but not everyone has that option. If your local coffee shop is a 10 minute walk away, then those 3 cups a day could already take up an hour or more of your time just to walk there and back. And that’s before you even stand in the queue, pay for and drink your cup. That’s a lot of time AND money wasted simply by not making coffee at home.

One reason many people might resist making their own coffee is because they think it doesn’t taste as good at home. After all, those coffee shops have spent loads getting their recipes just right, right? Wrong. There are so many more options when picking your own coffees to make at home that you can find the absolute best one for you, and far cheaper than heading to the cafe.

Another big benefit of making your own coffee at home is how sustainable it is. Not every store uses the best or most ethical sourcing procedures. If that’s something you’re concerned about, you can make sure you’re always buying quality coffee from sustainable places, or drinking fair trade every time. You can be as ethical and careful as you like when sourcing your own coffee to brew at home.

So now you know the benefits, how can you start making the best coffee at home, especially espresso?

How to make espresso at home

There are two main ways to make a great cup of espresso at home. One is with a machine, and the other is without. Let’s have a quick look at both.

How to make espresso at home with a machine

If you want to go for the high-end and much easier option, you might want to purchase a machine.

You can really spend however much you want when buying an espresso machine. If you want to be able to make all sorts of different coffees (not just espresso), you can go for a high-end multi-coffee machine, but these might be more expensive.

At the more affordable end of the scale are espresso only machines, but you can still pay as much as you might want for these. You might balk at the initial cost, but compare that to drinking coffee from the coffee store every day for a year, and you’ll soon see how good value it is. Not to mention convenient.

To make an espresso at home with a machine, simply follow the instructions that are associated with that specific machine.

If you’d rather make an espresso at home without a machine, then keep reading…

How to make espresso at home without a machine

If you haven’t got an espresso machine as such, there are a few simple ways to start making that brew at home. You could try another piece of machinery, like a manual lever machine.

One piece of equipment you might already have is a coffee press. If so, you can use this to make espresso. Make sure you’ve got filters to put in it, and the right quality coffee beans. Simply press the coffee to the desired consistency, and add it to a mug with hot water. To make your espresso even more authentic, consider purchasing some proper espresso cups. This will make your guests feel like they’re drinking the real thing.

If you haven’t got a coffee press either, all is not lost. You can still make espresso at home. One place to start is with instant espresso powder. Some coffee experts might scoff at this sort of thing, but they’ve improved a lot in the last few years and you can get some great quality coffee mixed and blends if you know where to look, made from high-quality beans. Take your time to source the best instant espresso and give it a go. Some people without the most sophisticated taste-buds can’t really tell the different, so if you’re one of them, you could save a LOT of money simply by using instant espresso powder.

Some people spend a lot of time and money making coffee, especially espresso, at home. But you don’t have to. Spend what you’re happy to spend to get the best coffee for your tastes. But remember: even though that nice cup at the coffee shop can be a good treat, you might not want to go there every day. That’s why learning how to make your own coffee at home can save you time and money. Hopefully, this article has got you heading in the right direction.

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