Want to start enjoying the best coffee at home? You’ve made the right choice. Popping to the coffee shop can be a nice treat, but it can also get expensive, and time-consuming. While you’ve probably tried instant coffee powder, this might not be tasty enough to suit your needs. That’s why you might want to take things a step further and start pressing your own coffee at home. There are tons of benefits this can bring. It cheaper than buying coffee from stores, it’s more convenient, and you can start wowing your guests.

Making your own coffee at home isn’t just cheaper and more convenient, it also gives you the chance to source your own coffee. If you want fair trade coffee or a special blend from a certain country, you can buy it with ease and brew your own.

So if you want to make the best coffee possible in your own kitchen, check out this article. We’re going to tell you how to make coffee in a coffee press so you can get the best. Let’s have a look…

How to make coffee in a coffee press

1. Buy a coffee press

Before we start looking at how to make coffee with a coffee press, you need to actually purchase or get a coffee press! There are loads on the market, and this shouldn’t be too complicated. Try looking for reviews and special offers online, there are tons of options. You could also head to your local kitchenware or similar store so that you can get a feel for a few of the models on offer. A coffee press isn’t a hugely complicated piece of machinery, but you still tend to get what you pay for. If you want one that’s going to last for many years, you might want to spend a bit more on a more solid model.

A standard coffee press will simply press the coffee rather than take care of the rest of the coffee making process. However, some newer, more advanced models will actually brew the coffee inside the portable press container. These are easy to use and can take your coffee making to the next level, but aren’t a traditional coffee press. They’re also more expensive.

One tip once you’ve bought your coffee press is to clean it regularly. Also, clean it thoroughly before your first use.

You might want to consider a transparent glass coffee press so you can see the coffee being pressed while you do it. These coffee presses look the part, but they can also break easily. Other alternatives are plastic, which will have a cheaper feel, as well as stainless steel—which is strong and durable.

2. Find the right coffee beans

One of the main benefits of making your own coffee at home is that you’ll have complete flexibility when it comes to deciding what coffee to press. That opens up a world of opportunities. You can pick the perfect mix and blend for you, or have a range of different options. Fancy something from Colombia? You got it.

If it’s something you care about, you can also stick to sustainable, free trade options. When you buy and make your own coffee, you’ll know where it’s from and how it has been sourced if you do the right research.

You’ll also have the opportunity to buy in bulk. Instead of letting the coffee store have the benefit of doing that, and paying a marked-up price every time you visit, you could buy a year’s worth of coffee in advance—or more. That could save you a lot of money.

3. Measure enough coffee beans

You don’t want to waste that special coffee bean you bought. Be careful and measure the right approximate amount of coffee bean to grind up later. Half a cup of beans will roughly equal 3 or 4 servings of coffee, depending on how strong you like it. You don’t have to grind this entire amount, and can do just one cup at a time if you prefer.

4. Grind the coffee

You’ll want to get the coffee to a coarse grind. You’ll need a coffee grinder for this, or can use some other similar implement. Place the measured beans into the grinder and grind them as much as you can until they’re a very fine consistency. The same consistency as instant ground coffee is good to aim for.

The reason you don’t want to grind too much coffee is because the best flavour will be achieved by only using freshly ground coffee beans. You shouldn’t make the coffee more than 15 minutes after grinding the beans, as they can go stale very quickly once ground.

Another thing to remember is that the finer the grind, the weaker the coffee will generally be. If you like it strong, then don’t grind the beans quite so much. If you’ve got settings on your coffee grinder, pay attention to the settings and make sure you get the consistency that’s right for you.

Of course, you can always use instant coffee powder, or pre-ground coffee, but if you’re going to the trouble of using a coffee press, it’s best you use the real thing.

5 Boil the water

You should know how to do this. A kettle works well, or a saucepan if you have to. Let the boiling water cool for a few seconds before you add the coffee.

6. Press the coffee

Pour the just-boiled water into your coffee press to about the halfway level. After this, add the ground coffee to your press. Let the coffee and water mix stand for about a minute, then stir. You can then add more water. Place the lid back on the press and let it stand for a few more minutes. You’ll want to get used to how long you like leaving the press once you’ve done this a few times. It will depend on how strong you like your coffee, and how warm you like it as well. After you’ve waited, push the press down gently until it gets to the bottom. Don’t press it too hard.

7. Enjoy!

Once you’ve pressed the coffee, pour it out immediately into cups and enjoy your homemade coffee!

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