Do you want to have a bit more creativity in the bathroom? Perhaps you’re bored of the sort of bathbombs that are available in your local area. Maybe you’ve got a skin condition, or just sensitive skin that means you want to have more control over what goes into your bath bombs. Maybe you want to create some amazing smells and textured bombs that simply aren’t available in the shops. Or perhaps you’re tired of forking out those high price tags that shop-bought bath bombs have and what to get the same results for a fraction of the price.

All these reasons and more are why it might be a good idea to make your own bath bombs. And if you want to do so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at both why you’d want to, and ultimately how to make your own amazing range of bath products, especially bath bombs. Making bath bombs is fun, affordable and easy. It’s a great way to get creative with your kids or simply do it by yourself. Homemade bath bombs are a great gift for a friend, something with a real personal touch—that’s also much more affordable. They’re great just for you as well.

Why you should make your own bath bombs

There are loads of different reasons why you might want to make your own bath bombs. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

They’re cheaper

One of the biggest reasons people want to make their own bath bombs is because they can save a lot of money. While you might be able to find some great options in some discount stores, a lot of them have a big markup. And when you look at what’s really in them, you’re often paying just for the name of the store when the actual ingredients and manufacturing process wasn’t that expensive. That’s why making your own is a great option, especially if you use a lot of them. The ingredients can be bought relatively cheaply and you can make big batches at a fraction of the price.

It’s fun and creative

Making bath bombs isn’t a chore, it’s fun—especially with all the different creative things you can do. Getting messy and gooey while experimenting with different smells, colours and flavours is part of the fun.

They’re great for sensitive skin

If you’ve got specific skin issues or requirements which means you don’t react well to certain ingredients, you’ll have the freedom to choose exactly what goes into your bath bombs. That means you can make sure they’re great for your specific skin issues, or someone else’s. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what goes into those bath bombs in the store, as ingredients lists aren’t always as detailed as for things you eat. You won’t have to worry about that when you make your own bath bombs, as you’ll know exactly what goes into them.

They’re better for the environment

As well as making sure the right ingredients go in for your skin, you can also make sure the right stuff goes in for the environment. If you want, you can make sure everything is ethically sourced and has the right impact on the environment, as well as being biodegradable.

How to make bath bombs

In order to make around 12 bath bombs, just follow these simple instruction:

Start by mixing 8oz of baking soda with 4oz of Epsom salt, 4oz of corn starch and 4 oz of citric acid in a big bowl. Whisk them together to get rid of any lumps.

You need the baking soda for the bath bomb explosion. That’s because of a reaction that happens when the powder reacts with low pH acid and creates bubbles which are made from carbon dioxide. This is a similar process to school chemical experiments. The citric acid won’t react with the baking soda until the bomb goes in the bath (or gets wet some other way).

At this stage, you can add visual tweaks into the mix. Things like glitter can work, but try and make sure it’s biodegradable. Also, if you have certain skin concerns or requirements, you might want to be careful what you add, both at this point and later on. Or if you have ethical concerns about where certain ingredients are sourced from, then be careful as well.

After this, you can mix in the wet ingredients in a separate bowl. These are 2.5 tablespoons of oil (you can use coconut, vegetable, or any other type of oil you prefer). 1 tablespoon of water, 2 teaspoons of essential or scented oils and a few drops of food colouring.

What flavours and colours and scents you choose are up to you. You could start simple with vanilla, or try things like aloe-vera, lavender, or something else. There are so many options, so it can be fun to play around with different colours, smells and visual changes.

It might take you a few attempts to really get the hang of what works and what doesn’t. There are loads of different options, like cinnamon and coffee for a Christmas feel.

Then you need to slowly combine the dry mixture to the wet mixture. Only one teaspoon or so at a time. This step should not be rushed as it could ruin your mix. Keep whisking as you do this so the mixture doesn’t clump together. At this point, quickly put the entire mixture into silicone or other molds. Do this before the mixture dries out. Put the mixture in firmly and then let the bath bombs dry out. Around 24 hours should be enough. Then they should be ready to be pushed out of the molds and used. Try testing one first before giving them as gifts!

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