Have you been having trouble keeping cool in the warm weather? Maybe you’ve always had a home that’s been a bit too warm for your liking and would like to know some ways to fix it. A wide range of reasons might have brought you to this article, but now you’ve found it. In it, we’re going to look at a number of different ways to help keep your house cool all year long.

Keeping your house cool is a good idea, not just for your comfort and health but also for your finances. That’s because keeping a home cool can be as expensive as warming it in the winter. But not every way to cool your home needs to cost a lot of money. That’s why if you keep reading, you’ll be able to find a load of new ways to keep your house cool whenever you need to. Some of these thrifty options could save you money and keep your home at the temperature you’ve been looking for.

So how do you keep your house cool?


Let’s start with insulation. Ok, this might not be the cheapest option to start with (we’ll get to them later), but insulation can still do a good job in keeping your house cool. You might think insulation is just for keeping heat in your home and keeping it warm, but it really can do a great job in keeping it cool, too. Look for the best insulation to keep warm weather out when necessary.

Blinds and curtains

A cheap and easy way to adjust and regulate the temperature of your home is by installing the right blinds and curtains, or even just drawing or closing them when you really need coolness. Heat comes from the sun, so when certain parts of your home are taking a beating at certain times in the year, you could simply close your curtains to help keep your home cool.


One of the most popular options when cooling a home is air-con. While this is one of the more expensive options, both in installation, maintenance, and running costs—it’s one of the most popular for a reason. That’s because it’s one of the best. You might have to pay a bit more in bills each month, but you can guarantee your home keeps as cool as you want it, no matter what the weather.

If you want one of the best home cooling options around and aren’t concerned about cost, you might have to go for air-con. The best air-con units have remote controls and can keep multiple rooms cool at all times.


Have you seen the rise in popularity of underfloor heating in recent years? What about under-floor cooling? Even if this is much less common, the actual material you use to cover your floors can make a big difference to the coolness of your home. Some floors absorb heat while some radiate it back around the room. While this is good for when you want to keep your house warm, it isn’t when you want to cool it. And that’s the thing with a lot of these options, many homes have been built to keep as much heat in as possible or reduce energy bills in the winter, but do these methods help when it’s hot? Sometimes, they might be counter-intuitive and could be heating your home too much when it’s better to let it cool.


If you can’t afford air-con, you could stick to some more-traditional standalone fans. One slightly better and more sturdy option is a ceiling fan, and these have been around for a long time and do a good job. Just make sure you get one installed safely by a professional.


Sometimes, keeping your home cool could be as simple as putting the right ventilation in place and having the right windo3ws open to ensure a flow of air around your home. Try it, it’s one of the cheapest and most effective options around.

Ice fan

Instead of just using a standard upright fan, try putting a box of ice in front (open at the top). This is a simple and affordable way to get even more cooling power for your home.

Cold water bottle

You know that hot water bottle you’ve got? Try putting it in the freezer. This might only work for one person at a time, but it can still work.

Wet sheets

Wet sheets aren’t nice to sleep on, but they can be good when hung inside doors or windows.

Avoid hot showers

Not just to you don’t get too hot, but hot showers can heat rooms and homes too much as well.

Keep the lights off

Having too many lights on is another way to unnecessarily warm your home. Avoid it if you can.

Turn off technology

Computers and televisions can heat rooms a lot without you even realising. Have a break from the tech and turn them off if you’re too hot.


Just like good insulation, the best windows are designed to heat your home in the winter and keep it cool when it’s too hot. Look for intelligent window designs that could keep your home cool when you need it most. Another point to remember with windows is their position. If you receive a lot of heat in certain parts of your home, you might not want them facing in that direction, especially with standard windows. You can keep them covered, as we’ve already looked at—but another option if you’re getting them put in is to think about their position a bit more carefully, especially if certain parts of your home get really hot at certain times in the year.

Hopefully, some of these cooling techniques will work for you and your home.

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