Brown rice is a super versatile type of carbs that’s a staple in many places. It goes well with so many different types of food. If you haven’t already, you should add it to your cooking repertoire. Not only is brown rice filling and tasty, it’s also healthy. Much healthier than standard white rice and contains more nutrients as well as less unhealthy stuff. That’s why more and more people are turning to brown rice as a healthier option than standard white rice.

However, cooking rice can be complicated. Lots of people get confused with this. That’s because lots of different types of rice have different cooking times and instructions. If you want to make things a whole lot easier, you might want to consider a rice cooker. These are much cheaper than you might think, and take care of most of the process for you. You can simply switch on your cooker and relax while it takes care of the cooking. Some people think that you can’t cook brown rice in a rice cooker, but they’re very much mistaken. You CAN still cook brown rice in any sort of rice cooker, even if it hasn’t got a specific brown rice setting. Keep reading to find out more.

How to cook brown rice in a rice cooker

Let’s have a look at the basics. If you want to know how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker, here’s how:

Get a rice cooker

Before you can start cooking rice in a rice cooker, you’ll obviously need a rice cooker! Shop around, there are normally plenty of special offers available and these rice cookers have come down a lot in price in recent years. Try doing a search and finding some reviews online to find the best rice cooker for you, at a price you can afford. Head to the local store and have a look at a few different models, get a feel for them and see what would fit in your kitchen and/or cupboards.

If you’re buying a rice cooker specifically to cook brown rice, or with that as one of the options you’d like to be able to do, then look for one with a specific brown rice setting. That makes the whole process a lot more simple. However, you can still actually cook brown rice with any rice cooker, even if it doesn’t have the rice cooker setting. Many people have been put off in the past when they look at their rice cooker and see it doesn’t have a brown rice setting. Don’t make that mistake, you can still get the desired brown rice you want without a brown rice setting on your rice cooker, it’s just a little bit more complicated.

So if you haven’t bought a rice cooker yet, get one with a brown rice setting (if you can find one). But if you’ve already got a rice cooker without this setting, all is not lost. Keep reading to find out how to cook brown rice in a rice cooker even if it hasn’t got a brown rice setting.

Prepare your rice cooker

Make sure you’ve cleaned your rice cooker before use. This is an important step when it’s one you’ve just bought. It might look clean, but you can’t tell for sure. Follow the instructions and manual when it comes to setting up your rice cooker for use. Remember not to leave it unattended around children or perched on the edge of kitchen surfaces.

Buy your rice

Brown rice comes in a few different types, so find one that you’re happy with. Good quality brown rice isn’t that expensive, and if you want to save money you can buy in bulk. Rice has a long shelf life and can last for quite a while, so buying in bulk could be a good idea. If you find the right supermarket, you can buy brown rice in 10kg sacks like restaurants do. This can save you a lot of money, and it could last you a year.

Measure the rice

Before you start cooking your brown rice in a rice cooker, you’ll need to measure it. You can use a cup or scales. One or one and half cups is a good amount for one person, or around 50-75g.

Wash and soak the rice

You should always make sure your rice is clean and washed before cooking it. To get rid of any pollutants. Wash it thoroughly until the water runs clear. Some types of rice require you to soak it for a while, but this will normally be indicated on the packet. Make sure you’ve checked the instructions in advance so that you aren’t left in a rush when you first realise the rice you bought needs soaking for an hour, pushing back mealtimes.

Drain the rice

After you’ve soaked and washed the rice, drain it thoroughly.

Come up with the right rice to water ratio

You’ll then need to add water to the cooker in order to cook the rice. With brown rice, it’s a good idea to use slightly more water than with standard rice. A good ratio to use it about 1.5 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice, or 150cl for ever 100g. Brown rice is tougher, that’s why it will need more water and will need to cook for slightly longer.

Add both to the rice cooker

Add the right water amount and the right amount of rice to your rice cooker.

Season with salt and other seasonings if desired

Salt is good beforehand, and you can add things like saffron or spices, but these might be better done at the end.

Cook the rice

Simply turn the rice cooker on and let it take care of the cooking til the water is gone and the rice is cooked. That’s why you put more water in for brown rice, so it will cook for longer until it’s all absorbed.

Let the rice stand

Leave the rice for a few minutes after cooking to let it settle.

Fluff after cooking

Fluff the rice to give it a nice texture.

Add more seasonings

Here’s where you can add saffron or other seasonings to your rice.


Now you can enjoy your brown rice! Simple!

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