If you’re like most people, you probably use your phone ALOT. It’s common these days. Especially if you spent a lot of money on an iPhone. What that means is, over time your phone’s screen could get dirty. You’re probably used to the problem already. What if you want to get it clean and back to like when you first purchased it? If you’re wondering how, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re going to look at how to clean an iPhone screen and a bit of wider advice on how to clean your entire phone, as well as a few tips on how to prevent it getting dirty in the first place.

iPhones and other smartpone technology can be expensive. Many people are paying more and more of their monthly earnings each month so they can have the latest bit of tech or gadgetry. But that means they need looking after. Just like you’d clean your expensive sportscar every couple of weeks if you used it a lot, you might want to clean your iPhone regularly. And you probably use it more than just about anything else you own. Cleaning an iPhone isn’t always as straightforward as you think. There are some products and cleaning items you simply shouldn’t use. In this article, we’re going to look at how to clean an iphone screen carefully. Follow these tips to find out, so you can have a sparkling new iPhone even when you’ve actually had it for years…

How to your iPhone screen

iPhones and indeed many other touch screens are made with a specific coating to help try and keep them clean by making oil not stick to it. However, this coating isn’t foolproof and can indeed still get dirty. That’s probably why you’re hearing reading this. But this coating also means that you need to take care when cleaning your iPhone. You don’t want to damage or remove it with certain cleaning products. Let’s get started with how to clean iPhone screen:

Unplug your iPhone and switch it off

You must make sure your phone is unplugged and turned off. It’s a massive mistake to try and clean it while it’s still on, and could cause damage. You’d be surprised how many people make this mistake. You might also want to remove the battery, but this isn’t as important as making sure it’s off and not plugged in.

Wipe the screen

Get hold of a microfiber cloth. Your iPhone might have come with one in the case. It should be soft and without lint so it doesn’t scratch the screen. If you have to get a cloth because one didn’t come with the phone, be careful in making sure you find the right sort. You don’t want to scratch your iPhone screen. Wipe the phone from top to bottom to remove any rubs or fingerprints. Apply a bit more pressure if some dirt is more stubborn, but never apply too much pressure. Pressing too hard could remove the coating we already discussed.

Add liquid to the cloth

If some dirt is sticky or otherwise hard to remove with the previous step, try dampening the cloth. But not too much. Wet it a tiny bit with a few small drops of water. Make sure you squeeze out any excess. Continue to wipe with the cloth as before.

Make sure you never soak the cloth, this will make it too wet. Actually getting large amounts of water on your screen could damage it. You only want to make sure the cloth is a tiny bit damp. Never let liquid sit on your screen. Wipe away any moisture or droplets immediately.

While this step can work well with the screen, don’t use a damp cloth to wipe the microphone, USB, or other ports. This could also cause damage.

Don’t use cleaning products

You might think it’s a good idea to use household cleaning products like kitchen cleaner or other chemical-based things. Don’t. This is a big mistake and could damage your screen and phone. Window cleaning products, antibacterial cleaners and other home cleaning substances contain chemicals that could damage your iPhone or remove the coating on the screen. Only small amounts of water should be used. And carefully.

You might see some cleaners that are meant for LCD screens, but these are a bad idea as well. Your screen might have an LCD display, but it’s not the same as a computer screen or other similar device as it has different coatings and covers. These cleaners could harm your iPhone screen.

Avoid using natural cleaning substances like lemon juice as well.

Be careful with your iPhone

iPhones are expensive. So you need to be careful One big no-no is to make sure you NEVER soak your iPhone in water, or put water anywhere near it directly. You’d be surprised how many people break their iPhone for good by putting it in the sink and washing it like they would their hands. Never put water directly on the screen. You should always use the cloth we discussed earlier, and only with a tiny amount of water on if necessary.

Once you’ve used a damp cloth, use another dry one to clean up after and wipe up any remnants of water.

Remember to clean up your phone as soon as it gets dirty. If you leave a stain and ignore it, it could dry and become harder to remove later. Initial spills should be cleaned up immediately before they cause more damage to your phone.

Consider professional cleaning help

If your iPhone is really dirty and these steps didn’t work, you might want to try a professional phone cleaning service. These services have experience doing a good job and know what products they can and can’t use. You can find them in some shopping areas or online if you’re willing to send your phone off briefly. However, that isn’t an option for everyone, so try and keep your iPhone clean.

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