If you’ve just started running for a hobby, you’ve made a great choice. It’s a fun pastime that should hopefully do amazing things for your health. That’s why running is more popular than ever, with more new people taking it up every year. Whether you’re just going to a leisurely jog every once in a while or are aiming for a marathon, it’s important you get the right shoes for it. Making a good decision here could affect your foot health and ultimately your running times.

If you’re a newcomer to running and are wondering how to choose the right running shoes, you’re in the right place. There are a number of different factors that are crucially important, and we’re going to have a look at them in this article. While picking shoes for day to day life might not be that difficult, there are a lot of different factors that make a good running shoe, so a decision here is one that should be taken care over and made with all the information at your disposal. What is that information? Let’s have a look….

How to choose running shoes for beginners

You might think shopping for shoes is simple, but it isn’t always. Especially for running. There are lots of things you need to consider that make running shoes a more important purchase than a normal pair.

Check reviews online

Look at running sites and other forums that have loads of people in a similar position to you. The good thing about these sorts of websites is that there will be loads of people in a similar position to you. That means other runners, or even newcomers to running that will have the same specific requirements you have.

Remember, there are lots of different types of running and lots of different types of shoes for each of them. Cross country running isn’t the same as track running, and neither of those are the same as road running. While you might be able to get some all-purpose running, if you’re only going to be on the road or on the track, you might want a more specialised pair. Make sure you look for other reviews from people new to running as well, as that will give you the right sort of perspective.

An important point to remember with online reviews is to look at the reasons why people have given a negative review, and the reasons for a positive one. Don’t just look at the raw score. This can be manipulated quite easily, and it also won’t be clear why people are rating something high or low. Be suspicious of something with all 5 star reviews, and rely more on 4-star reviews as a realistic indicator of a good product.

Look for bargains

When you start reading reviews online you’ll probably see some great special offers. Make a note of them and use them for comparison. Unlike other products, you might want to tread carefully (so to speak) and not rush into a purchase unless you’re sure. As this is something that’s going to be important for your foot health, it’s also important that you don’t simply by the cheapest shoes you can find. Spend a little more on something that will last longer and be better for your feet.

Look at what athletes and other runners wear

To get a good idea of what’s popular and what works for serious runners, pay attention to athletes and other runners you see. What some competitions like marathons on television and see what both the well-known runners and the amateurs are wearing.

Consider joining a running club if you haven’t already. These are a great place to meet people and stay motivated, as well as make your run more fun. But they’re also a great place to learn about what running shoes are good and get some recommendations from people who know what they’re talking about. You might also be able to get some special discounts for the right shoe.

Try them on

You can’t buy a pair of running shoes without trying them on. You need to check things like how much slip there is and whether they rub or not. Don’t buy running shoes that don’t fit properly. Being too big is as much of a problem as being too small.

Check the grip

Different types of running require different grips. Make sure yours have the right one. Track shoes need either spikes or a more pronounced grip, while cross-country shoes also have their own specifications. Make sure you’ve got the right sort of grip for the sort of running you’re going to be doing.

Make sure they can get dirty

Don’t go for materials that are hard to clean or won’t stand up to a lot of abuse and wear and tear. These shoes are for performance and comfort, so they need to be able to take a beating and a lot of weather-wear.

Make sure they’re comfortable

This is similar to trying them on, but make sure they’re comfortable over longer periods of time.

Make sure they’re durable

Aside from being able to get dirty, you won’t want them falling apart after a few runs. They need to be good in all types of weather and be ok with repeatedly hitting the pavement or other surfaces.

Go for a trial run

While you probably can’t go for a run in shoes and then take them back, at least attempt a little jog in the shoe store.

Don’t stick with them if they don’t feel right

You might have spent money on your running shoes already, but if they are hurting your feet or causing problems when you run, don’t stick with them. You might be reluctant to spend more money on another pair, but the condition of your feet is important. Sticking with the wrong running shoes simply because you don’t want to waste more money is a bad idea. Don’t make that mistake.

Consider bespoke

If you can’t get the exact fit for you, consider a specialist running shoe company to get a perfect bespoke pair.

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