Tired of not getting enough sleep? You might need a new mattress. In this article, we’re going to look at exactly why getting a new mattress is a great idea for so many reasons, as well as an answer to the ultimate question: how to choose a mattress. You’ll find that a new mattress could have a ton of different health benefits that you might not have thought of, and that it could also be much more affordable than you might think. While changing a mattress might seem stressful, it needn’t be and it could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of a new mattress

If you think getting a new mattress is just for show, you’re mistaken. There are simply tons of benefits associated with a nice clean mattress as opposed to an old one. Did you know you’re supposed to change your mattress around every 8 years or so? While some can last longer, it’s not a great idea to keep one for decades. Not only can an old mattress become out of shape, but it can also get buildups of dirt and bugs. It’s not good for you, but a new one could be. So before you find out how to choose a mattress, let’s have a look at the benefits a new one could bring:

Better for allergies

Old mattresses can carry a lot of dirt and bugs. Some of this dirt, especially dust, can be terrible for people with a range of allergies. If you find yourself itching, sneezing, or presenting other symptoms of increased allergic reactions—it could be because of your mattress. If that’s the case, the solution should really be to get a new one. A nice fresh mattress should have none of these problems, and might help you feel better again.

Good for back problems

The wrong mattress firmness is bad news for people with back problems. Even for people without a back issue, the wrong mattress could create one. Now, you might never have had the right mattress for your back, but as you age it might become more obvious. Alternatively, as the mattress itself ages and loses shape, this could make one that WAS right for your back now much worse for it.

Guess what the solution is? A new mattress. And one you’ve tested enough to make sure is right for your back. In a bit, we’ll help you find out how to choose a mattress, and firmness is one of the main considerations. You might want to ask your chiropractor or doctor what firmness of mattress they’d recommend if you’ve already got back or other joint issues.

Helps with insomnia and sleep loss

There are a wide range of issues associated with your mattress that could make it harder to get a good night’s sleep. Firmness is one of them, but it’s not the only one. Getting a new mattress could help you get the sleep you need again. And a lack of sleep can have hugely detrimental effects on your health, so it’s important you get a new one if necessary.

How a lack of sleep can affect your health

There are tons of effects of a lack of sleep. Here are a few of them:


If you don’t get enough sleep each night, you might struggle to remember things. Research has shown that those who get more sleep will have improved memory functions. A lack of memory can either be convenient or dangerous, so sort it out if you can.

Immune system

If you don’t get enough sleep, you might start getting ill more often. That’s because sleep levels affect your immune system can be harmed by not getting enough sleep each night.


Are you more stressed than you think you should be? It could be because you haven’t got enough sleep recently, and stress is a major symptom of that.

Weight gain

Stress from a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain as you search out more comfort food. It’s another reason why a new mattress might be a great idea.

Other tips to get a better night’s sleep

Try removing distractions from your bedroom. Don’t watch television just before bedtime. Get regular exercise and don’t consume the wrong foods too late in the day (or any foods if you can help it).

How to Choose a Mattress

Now you know why you need a new mattress, you’re probably wondering how to choose a mattress itself. Let’s have a look:

Look for the right firmness

As we’ve already looked at, the firmness of your mattress is hugely important. It could have a massive effect on your back health, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. Some mattress stores will have different grades of firmness, so find out which one works for you and look for more of those types of mattresses.

Try out multiple options in-store

Don’t be shy about getting on the beds and trying them out. It’s an important decision. Make sure everything feels right. Don’t just check the firmness, but also have a look at the size of the bed. Make sure you’ve taken measurements of your room so it fits!

Shop around

Don’t buy in the first shop you go into. A mattress is a big decision. Go to multiple shops and compare what’s on offer.

Find one you can afford

Don’t get your heart set on a mattress that’s out of your price range. Make sure you get a mattress you can afford. You might want to consider spending a bit more to get the best one, especially if you’ve got back issues.

Consider a free trial

There are loads of online mattress stores these days, and many of them will deliver a mattress for you to try for free. Give one a go for the free trial period and send it back if it’s not right.

Hopefully, these tips have been enough to really tell you how to choose a mattress, and why getting a new one could be a great decision for you.

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