You probably know a fair bit about skateboards already. Or do you? If you don’t, or if you want to know more about their electric variety, then you’re in the right place.  In this article, we’re firstly going to look in a bit more detail about skateboards in general and how they work, so then we can look more closely at electric skateboards in particular, and how they work. Then you’ll know more about the tech, how to find the right one, and if they’re best for you.

Electric skateboards are a great new addition to the tech-vehicle market. You might have enjoyed skateboards in the past, or perhaps you’re new to the scene. Either way, electric skateboards can be an even more convenient and powerful way to get around.

You might think skateboards, especially electric ones, are just for kids. That simply isn’t the case. More and more adults have started using skateboards as a clean and healthy way to get about. They’re affordable and can be much more convenient than other similar options. More and more adults are using electric skateboards to get to work, or just to enjoy themselves. But how do they work? Let’s have a look…

How do skateboards work?

To understand how skateboards work, you first need to understand their different parts and how they work together.

Generally, skateboards work by having a “deck” that you stand on, and wheels underneath to move forward. With a regular skateboard, you’ll push forward with your feet and then let the board ride for as long as it can until it needs more power (from your feet again). Skateboards have a truck underneath the board that keeps the board attached to the wheels.

How do electric skateboards work?

Electric skateboards start by being similar to skateboards. They have a deck, truck and wheels. However, the main and most obvious difference is that they take power from an electric motor and therefore don’t need you to push off with your feet. Some electric skateboards might work with a bit of human power, whereas some are completely self-powered. You can accelerate and increase power, normally with the help of a remote control, although there are a few other systems in use.

Generally, electric skateboards work similarly to other types of skateboard, except they’re powered, accelerated and break differently. You still need good balance, but they’re still an affordable and fun way to get around as well as enjoy yourself. They’re also super convenient and easy to carry with you when you aren’t skateboarding.

Most new electric skateboards have remote controls that make it easy to stop, start, accelerate and even brake. That means you don’t have to take your foot off to try and stop yourself. This could even make electric skateboards safer as well as actually being more powerful. Sometimes, you can lose balance when you take your foot off the board to brake or accelerate. You don’t have to worry about that with an electric skateboard.

As well as a deck, wheels and truck like a normal skateboard, electric ones also have a motor. There are two different types of motors for electric skateboards. One is known as a hub motor and the other is a belt motor. The hub motor sits inside the wheel and isn’t as loud as a belt motor. These motors do produce more heat though, and aren’t very water-resistant.

Another alternative to the hub motor is the belt motor. These can be noisier but more durable and versatile. These motors are more traditional and drive the wheels through a pulley while being situated on the underside of the skateboard rather than in the wheels themselves.

Electric skateboards also have a number of other additional components compared to a standard board. These include a battery, speed controller and remote control. All of these components work together to help regulate speed and control for your board.

Your board could also come with additional components like lights, but these aren’t on every type of electric skateboard. You might prefer an electric skateboard that looks like a normal one, or one that is obviously electric. These are some of the choices you’ll have to decide on. Some units have rain wheels, guards and extra batteries as well.

What are the advantages of an electric skateboard?

We’ve already touched on a few of the main advantages of electric skateboards. They’re fun and convenient, as well as an affordable mode of transport.

More and more people are using electric skateboards for communicating. That’s because they don’t guzzle uploads of fuel and you don’t have to sit in traffic for ages with them. You can even pick it up and use it in conjunction with public transport modes, making it one of the most convenient transport methods around.

Electric skateboards are better than standard skateboards in some ways because you don’t need to be as fit to use them, and you won’t get worn out. That’s because the electric motor helps power the unit for you. You can go faster on an electric skateboard, especially uphill. While you should wear safety gear and be careful, electric skateboards can be a great choice for getting around quickly and avoiding traffic, while being affordable in the process.

How to find the right electric skateboard for you

Start by having a look at a few options online, as well as in your local stores. You might be able to find these in skateboard shops, or even bike sellers. It’s a good idea to try an electric skateboard before you buy one. That’s why you shouldn’t necessarily just buy the first one you see, or buy one online without testing it. Compare deals and find the best one you can, and you can always order it after you’ve tried it in person.

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