Electric blankets are useful to have around. Especially if you get cold at night. When the weather turns, would you like some extra comfort so that you can sleep more easily? Being the wrong temperature is a big factor in stopping people getting a good night’s sleep. This can have lots of adverse effects on your overall health, including causing stress, lack of energy and other issues. That’s why an electric blanket might be a good choice for you if you live somewhere cold or suffer particularly from temperature changes.

But how do electric blankets actually work? Are they safe? Can you clean them—and if so, how? All these questions will be answered if you keep reading this article. While there might have been a few stories of unsafe electric blankets which might have got you worried, we’re going to look at the issues a bit more carefully so you can have the peace of mind you need to sleep easily at night. After all, that’s what the electric blanket is supposed to help you with, right?

So in this article, were going to look at how electric blankets work. Because if you want to start using one, it’s a good idea to know exactly what the technology does, isn’t it? So how do electric blankets work?

How do electric blankets work?

An electric blanket is a sturdy throw or blanket that has a wiring system inside. This wiring system makes the blanket warm when it is powered or switched on. It does this through coil wires, in a similar technology to some radiators. While you can get electric blankets that are powered some other way, they normally plug into a mains power point.

Obviously, these blankets have to be made from specific materials and aren’t just normal blankets with wires in them. Most electric blankets are made from a combination of acrylic and polyester. They obviously need to be made to prevent fire hazards as well as being the right material to keep the warmth in.

Some electric blankets can only be switched on or off, while most new models actually have a range of heat settings. Extra-large blankets for double beds might have different heat settings available on each side, so that you can have your side at a different temperature to your partner.

These blankets have a series of coils that are coated in heat-protective coating and provide a steady source of heat once plugged in. You can use these blankets either during or before you go to sleep. Some people like to sit with them on their couch and use them while they’re watching TV in the evening as well.

You might be able to find an electric blanket with a timer that switches itself off during the night, so they can help you get to sleep but let your body take care of the rest.

An electric blanket will draw power from the mains and heat itself. Some electric blankets have thermostats so they can control their own heat, and switch themselves off when they get to the desired temperature. These are the best ones to get if you can, as other models shouldn’t be left on while you’re asleep.

Are electric blankets safe?

There have been a few issues with some electric blankets in the past, some of which might have completely put you off buying them. Are they fire hazards, and are they safe for babies?

Firstly, with regards to fire. All good electric blankets should have been tested and will have certifications. Never use a damaged or faulty electric blanket. Pay close attention to how hot it gets and the power course. if it’s getting too hot, return it to the store or stop using it immediately. Don’t buy a second hand or old electric blanket, as some of the older models aren’t as safe as the newer ones. You shouldn’t keep your electric blanket plugged in when you aren’t at home.

Always consult all the safety instructions and information that comes with your electric blanket.

You shouldn’t wrap a baby in an electric blanket. They are generally only for adult use. If you’re concerned about the safety of your blanket, then stop using it. pay close attention to burns, damp patches, scorches, exposed wiring, or unusual creases. Any of these could make your blanket dangerous, and you should stop using it immediately.

Make sure your blanket has the right certification with it. Store it in a safe and dry place. Don’t use an over blanket as an under blanket or an under blanket as an over blanket, only use your electric blanket for its proper purpose.

Only leave the blanket on at night if it has its own thermostat controls, as not all of them do. Don’t get your blanket wet, never switch on a wet electric blanket. if you follow these safety precautions, your electric blanket should be safe.

Can you wash an electric blanket?

It’s generally not a good idea to wash an electric blanket. While some specific models are washable, most aren’t. If you haven’t got specific instructions telling you it’s ok to get your blanket wet, then don’t do it. To clean, you can wipe it down or follow cleaning instructions for your specific model. Some people think that after a blanket is wet they should turn it on to dry it—never do this. It could damage the unit and make it unsafe.

Hopefully, you’ve seen how to safely use an electric blanket after reading this article. make sure you’ve got a new one and follow the guidelines closely. You can’t wash most electric blankets, but you should be able to wipe them down if you’re careful. Now you can get comfortable and enjoy your new electric blanket.

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