We all go through the never-ending cleaning cycle, and we all hope for a solution that will help us be more productive and efficient when it comes to keeping our home and personal belongings clean. Good news is that we do not have to dream about it anymore, as the day when cleaning becomes easy and quick has finally come.

So far you probably know what I’m talking about, but let’s leave no space for guessing – there is only one device that can become your personal assistant in housework – a steam cleaner.

Without further due, let’s dig into the complete guide on how to use a steam cleaner that will help you have your dream house with a dream effort invested.

Why should I use steam cleaning machines?

As you probably already know, there are different types of steam cleaners – with various looks, sizes, characteristics, and possibilities. However, they all have several things in common:

  • They are super easy to use
  • They are completely eco-friendly as all they need is vaporized water
  • They can be used on almost every surface in your house
  • And they can take down any spot or stain that your vacuum cleaner can’t cope with.

What is steam cleaner good for?

Good question and even better answer! As mentioned before, there is a broad usage of steam cleaning machines, and you can literally rely on them for most of your housework. However, it is crucial to know on which surfaces it works the best and which surfaces to avoid if possible.

Do not be afraid to use a steam cleaner in your house, if you have:

  • Patio furniture – elegant and comfy, and definitely properly clean if you use a steam cleaner
  • Carpets and drapes – you don’t have to avoid carpets and drapes anymore just because they are difficult to maintain – you can use steam cleaners to remove each particle of dust and all stubborn stains. Bear in mind that the best usage of steam cleaners for these surfaces is focusing on those stains you wouldn’t be able to remove using a regular cleaner.
  • Big mattresses – again, steam cleaners remove dust mites easily. If you have a big mattress that is not easy to take out of the house for proper cleaning, a steam cleaner will you get even better service without leaving your home. This is especially useful for people that suffer from allergies.
  • Shower cabin – if you prefer a shower cabin over a bathtub, make sure that you have a steam cleaner as well. Different types of steam cleaners work perfectly on shower cabins, but as well windows, mirrors and other surfaces made out of glass, as they ensure that there are no streaks left behind.
  • Tile floors – there is a big difference when you use a steam cleaner to clean the floor, and you’ll notice it after the first swipe. Steam cleaners are so widely used for cleaning floors, that there is even special floor attachment you can upgrade your handheld steam cleaners with.

Of course, there are even more surfaces you can use your steam cleaner for – we’ve just enlisted the top 5 surfaces each housewife focuses on.

Which surfaces should I avoid with my steam cleaner?

Nothing is perfect, so you’ll have to be careful to avoid the following surfaces:

  • Antiques, paintings, music instruments – all following items have specific texture and are made out of specific materials. Although a steam cleaner might not damage them, do not proceed with cleaning unless you are certain that the colours won’t wash away, antiques won’t melt, and music instruments won’t fall apart. We strongly advise you to avoid using steam cleaner completely for above-mentioned items.
  • Walls – similar to paintings, you’ll probably cause the paint to wash away and damage your wall. When it comes to walls, although steam cleaners ensure that they dry faster, they are not a good idea.
  • Paper, cardboard and sealed wood – thinking about hot water and these materials at the same time will you give you enough reason to stay away from it. It is impossible to use a steam cleaner for any surface that contains paper, cardboard or sealed wood (even worse – a combination of all three) without causing more damage than good.

What are the main things I should have in mind?

Here are the most important things you should bear in mind for you to say you know how to use a steam cleaner:

  1. Watch out for burns – make sure you’re wearing protective gloves and any other cleaning uniform you need. Don’t forget that steam cleaners work on hot water, and if your skins get in touch with hot water, you will end up with burns.
  2. Pick up your steam cleaner wisely – think about the surfaces you have in your home and wish to be cleaned. Prior to buying the steam cleaner, read the instructions as there are different types of steam cleaners.
  3. Always wipe off the surface after using a steam cleaner – the steam cleaner will definitely meltdown all spots and stubborn stains you have, but it will not vacuum them. Make sure that you use a mop afterwards to ensure a perfectly clean home for you and your family!


And now you know how to use a steam cleaner properly. With it, your life would be cleaner and the boring chores easier.

About the Author James S

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